Birth Certificates Under Attack by Medical Association for Having the Word “Sex” on It

The liberals have their people in just about every authoritative organization around the United States. The American Medical Association is one of those organizations. The liberal paranoia coming from the AMA is simply laughable. They demand that the word “sex” be removed from all birth certificates because it is offensive to certain people. The current […]

COVID-19 Flowing Like Water Over the Border and Biden Ignores It All as He Pushes Masks

Chip Roy is a Republican serving the people of Texas. He is passionate about the border issues that are plaguing the southern states. The issue has become so bad that the National Guard has been called up to help backup and enforce local law enforcement, protecting the population from being overrun. The fact that Abbott […]

Past President of Planned Parenthood Reveals in New Book Their Real Stance on Abortion

Even though their numbers are usually inaccurate, Planned Parenthood has continually argued that abortion only makes up 3% of its “services.” But there is a new book out from a former head of the organization that sheds some light on reality. It suggests that abortion dictates 100% of Planned Parenthood’s direction. Dr. Leana Wen published […]

The First TX Dem Gets an Arrest Warrant Issued on Them

The Democrats that escaped out of Texas for a social justice-focused vacation are about to reap what they sow. They didn’t actually think they could skip out on their job without any consequences, did they? Now, the GOP in Texas is proving that they are going to back up their threats – complete with issuing […]

Fauci Finally Gets Devastating News Americans Have Demanded

More than a year after Americans were first introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci we get the news that the White House coronavirus task force doctor is finally getting the heat put on him about some of his most egregious errors in his dealings with COVID-19 and the American people. Suspicion about the National Institute of […]

Don’t Listen to the Dems, Here’s the Truth on the TX Voter Bill

The only thing that most Americans have heard is that Texas Democrats left the state so that the state legislature couldn’t meet quorum to vote on the Texas voter ID bill. What is so bad about this bill that would cause the Dems to up and leave by charter plane? If you listen to the […]

Sob Story for Texas Democrats as They Are Given Care Packages for Victimizing Themselves

The Democratic Party sees itself as the righteous Pharisees of the modern-day world. In their eyes, they are always right and could not possibly do anything wrong or make a mistake. When the Texas Democrats left for Washington so they did not have to vote on a bill that would secure elections, they felt right […]

Arrogance Marks Gavin Newsom as He Blames Legal Transactions for Illegal Behavior

Californians continue to live under the tyrannical leader Gavin Newsom. His lustful attempts to grab power have only infuriated the movement seeking to unseat his dictatorship by using the recall option. Millions of voters are recalling Newsom because he is failing to put the people first and himself last. The state has been the unfortunate […]

Mask Mandates… Prepare for the Preposterous

We’ve done everything that the U.S. government has told us to do. In March of last year, we were told that no masks were needed. Then, a few months later, we were all wearing masks as a way to keep ourselves protected. As soon as vaccines became available, we were told to get the vaccines […]

Twitter Gives Marjorie Taylor Greene a Timeout…Our First Amendment Is Under Attack

The most controversial figure in U.S. politics today is without question, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Like her or hate her, it doesn’t matter and she doesn’t care. She’s a firecracker who says what she wants when she wants to. There’s no backing the lady down and there’s no changing her mind. Every syllable she speaks […]

Democratic Mayor Wants to Crack Down on Guns…Just Not the Illegal Ones in Her Home

Gun control. It’s all you hear about from the left. They don’t want people to own guns. They certainly don’t want people to use guns. Yet, when they have guns, they expect things to be a lot different. Mayor Lovely Warren from Rochester, New York is about to learn the hard way that the law […]

Gun Shots at Nationals Game in DC, but Why?

“Gun violence” is a commonly used word, especially by the left. It’s politically charged because it gets people wondering about how less violent the world could be without guns. It also gets people to think about what would happen if there were more gun controls in place. The problem is that it’s meaningless. Any time […]

Jen Psaki Vows to Stop the Flow of Misinformation…She Wouldn’t Know the Truth if It Bit Her on Her Red-Haired Behind

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki thinks anyone who creates a post contrary to what she has said should be permanently banned from all 200 worldwide social media platforms. They are guilty of spreading dangerous “misinformation.” With a straight face, Psaki said in a White House press briefing, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform […]

Former Black GOP Candidate Tells Biden Where to Find Real ‘21st Century Jim Crow’

By now, you’ve likely heard all about the political left’s insistence that recently passed and proposed election integrity laws, most of which simply require an ID to vote in national elections, are a flagrant form of ‘21st century Jim Crow.” I’m not exactly sure where they get off thinking that these laws in any way suppress […]

What Texas Dems Are Really So Worked Up About…

If the political left is to be believed, Texas is about to bring back Jim Crow era voting laws, complete with limitations to voters, literacy tests, and proof of land ownership. However, the truth is far from those claims. As you well know, Texas, like many other states, has recently moved to propose election integrity […]

Cuba’s Gone Silent…and So Have the Liberals

Cuba has decided to shut down the internet as a way of silencing all of its unhappy and outspoken citizens. Without the internet, it’s a way to hide all of the ongoing protests as if to say that everything is fine within the country. Now, this is when the social justice warriors, otherwise known as […]

Trump’s Dire Warning to Republicans Working With Dems Has RINO’s Shaking in Their Loafers

Former President Donald Trump isn’t known for mincing words. Not with Democrats, not with Republicans, and certainly not for the people who sit on the fence. The stunning lack of integrity of a person who runs for office within the party they think they can win with, rather than the party that they actually agree […]

Biden Sending “Strike Force” to Chicago to Curb Spiking Violence

President Joe Biden Is sending a “strike force” to Chicago and some other major cities in America to potentially curb the rising violence plaguing the cities. That sounds good…but the focus of the “strike force” may not be aimed at the real source of the spike in violent crime. The “strike force” will be going […]

Cuba’s Streets Have Erupted in Violence…People Are Dying From Hunger and COVID-19

Though Cuba lies only 137 miles to the south of Key West, Florida, in between the two is an invisible boundary between 1st-world and 3rd-world. Cuba has always had the resources for becoming a dominant player in world markets with sugar, tobacco products, and coffee, but they’re stingy. Besides, opening those channels would only allow […]

COVID Lost in Florida Because These People Were Protected

COVID-19 was a terrible time for a lot of people. The Democrats made it worse for people that live under their rule by instituting strict lockdowns and pointless regulations. But there were some places governed by Republican leaders that have weathered the storm and are beyond the recovery phase. One such place is in the […]

Biden Set to Visit Every Home in America for One Purpose

The Democratic Party thinks that it can continue to do what it wants and force people to follow its lead. They have failed to rally the people behind the vaccine, so now they want to force it on people. Joe Biden ignores the science that not everyone will need a vaccine. People that have had […]

VA Leaders Tasked with the Impossible: Stop Misinformation

There’s always been the commitment to take care of our veterans. However, the Department of Veteran Affairs has had to deal with a small budget and a massive number of veterans – many of which who are not tapped into the latest technology. A new proposal would require VA leaders to do the impossible: address […]

Cuomo Doesn’t Really Understand What a State of Emergency Is

Andrew Cuomo hasn’t been in the headlines for a while. Apparently, he felt as though his title of being the worst governor in the country was in jeopardy because he’s back. The state has yet to kick him out of office, so he’s free to harass his subordinates for a while longer. Though, that’s not […]

Judge Issues Disastrous Ruling for Liberal Defund the Police Movement

It’s hard to imagine anyone deciding that law enforcement far and wide is a bad thing as if protecting the innocent and defending our freedoms is wrong. But as we know, that is precisely what has happened in multiple Democratic-run cities since the summer of 2020 when George Floyd died while in police custody in […]

San Francisco Turns Into Ghost Town and the Democrats Are Glad

For many years the City of San Francisco has been under Democratic control. The liberal party has taken one good regulation and law after another and thrown it to the wind. They have implemented just about every lude and destructive idea that is in the left’s playbook. And now that they have screwed over millions […]

Omar Has No Regrets Hating Americans and Their Country

American hater Ilhan Omar has earned the terrorist of the year award from the Democratic Party. Her hateful statements about the United States and Israel put her on a level equal to that of an Islamic terrorist. No one can fathom why she hates America so severely since she was granted the right to become […]

Don’t Worry, GOP Donors are Taking Care of Border Troops Since Biden Won’t

The border crisis is spinning out of control. The Biden administration has ignored the problem – and it’s likely that they will continue to do so. Meanwhile, the border troops are overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrants entering the country. The migrants are entering at the various checkpoints as well as anywhere else they […]

Nearly All of America Says Biden Encourages Illegal Immigration

If the Biden White House is to be believed, the immigration crises we are currently seeing at our nation’s southern border is a direct cause of former President Donald Trump’s handling of things. However, it would seem that a vast majority of Americans aren’t exactly willing to believe that. According to a recent poll taken by Harvard […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Big Government in Historic 5-4 Decision

The Democrats have a hold on Washington and Joe Biden’s team is firmly planted in the White House, so you would think that big government is having their day in D.C… But the highest court in the land continues to spoil the day for the left with one ruling after another. President Biden’s administration has […]

Madonna’s Definition of ‘Freedom’ Will Leave You with Nightmares

Every now and then, a celebrity steps out in an attempt to be the voice of a generation. Some try to be the voice of an entire nation. Madonna has always been a liberal thinker. She’s pushed the boundaries of society and gotten people to gasp at her wild behavior. Now, at 62, she’s trying […]

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