Trump Responds to 2024 Possibility… He Says You’ll be “Happy”

It’s been a question since the day Democrat Joe Biden was announced as president: Will Donald Trump run for office again? Of course, this came after the idea that the election could somehow be reversed and Biden kicked out of the Oval Office. And to this day, the answer has always been the same. Basically, […]

Biden Gets Reality Check from Oil Company as His Demanding Letter Is Refuted with Facts

Joe Biden is a man out of touch with time. He thinks that people are deliberately out to sabotage his presidency by making things hard for him. But he fails to understand that the world in which he lives is one of his makings. The old man could not leave well enough alone when he […]

Even Republicans Who Turned Their Backs on Trump Think He’s Likely To Return to Office in 2024

Immediately after Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election the air was filled with all sorts of rumors about how there was no way Trump lost. Or that it was inconceivable to think Biden had fooled that many people into thinking he was the best choice. Yet here we are in 2022, and despite numerous […]

Protesters Come for Coney and Dems are Still Silent

What’s been happening to the Justices of the Supreme Court since the leak of a decision on Roe v Wade has been absolutely disgusting. Just weeks ago, someone stepped foot onto Justice Kavanaugh’s property with the intention to either kill or kidnap him. And now, there are protesters on Amy Coney Barrett’s property. A bill […]

Religion and Politics Are Mixing As Evangelicals Start Eyeing 2024…Trump May Not Be Their Guy

Despite arguments to the contrary, America was founded on the beliefs of its Christian forefathers who based its governing rule of law on the dogma of their religious beliefs. However unintentional, the end product couldn’t help but have been a mixture of church and state. As the nation grew, its flood gates were swung open […]

With Gas Prices Soaring, Dems Want To Add in an Oil Tax

No matter how bleak things are looking for Americans, you can always bet there is a Democrat somewhere asking themselves what they can do to here make a name for themselves, how to help the government profit from the situation, or what will get them reelected. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), and Rep. Ro Khanna, (D-CA) […]

Google Engineer Suspended for Revealing His Thoughts on Their Artificial Intelligence

A suspended Google software engineer is right in the middle of significant controversy over the search engine’s use of artificial intelligence.  Blake Lemoine, the suspended engineer, revealed that the artificial intelligence language tool known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications) is “sentient,” meaning that it can perceive or feel things.  Lemoine said that LaMDA […]

Australia Facing What Could Be Next for the US; $10 Heads of Lettuce While the Supermarkets Blame the Farmers

Australian farmers are being blamed for the skyrocketing cost of produce. Given the $10 and sometimes $12 price tags for a head of lettuce, it’s hard to blame them. The farmers in turn contend that they are also being taken advantage of, as they certainly aren’t seeing money like that. Guy Gaeta, a farmer who […]

Over 90 Women Are Suing the FBI for Covering Up Former Dr. Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse…They’re Seeking $1 Billion

The FBI had one job to do and they blew it. Attorneys representing over 90 women are sharpening their teeth as they prepare to defend a $1 billion lawsuit against the agency for bumbling the investigation into former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse.  They’ve accused the FBI of not acting on its file […]

Rebellious Democrats Are Campaigning Against Biden To Get Votes…FL. Gov. Rick Scott Says Don’t Buy It

As liberal voters who’d had enough of reading nasty tweets belly up to the gas pump, they’d like those tweets back, please. Given the options, they’d rather be offended than robbed. They’ve heard Joe Biden decry everything that’s wrong with this world as it continues to crumble before their very eyes. They’re ashamed of being […]

Politician Pleads Guilty to Being Involved in Election Fraud

Democrats all across America are notorious for doing illegal things. And when they are discovered, they lie and make claims about things hoping to hide their deeds. They are a group of people that cannot be trusted. They do not care about people because all they want is to seize power and force others to […]

Louisiana Becomes Another Conservative State to Ban Transgender Female Athletes

Being a female athlete in today’s day and age is hard. Not only do you have to pour in hours of hard work, but you also have to compete against biological men. Yes, you read that correctly. More and more transgender female athletes are choosing to participate in sports. Since they identify as a female, […]

It’s Trial Time for This Kansas Woman Who Led a Brigade of 100 Female ISIS Fighters in Syria…Some As Young as 10-Years-Old

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy repeated as she closed her eyes and clicked the heels of her red-ruby slippers. When she reopened her peepers she was back in Kansas, tucked safely in her own bed. Similar to Dorothy, another woman, Allison Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren, without warning, disappeared from her home in Kansas only to end […]

New York Ready to Pass a Whole Package of New Restrictive Gun Laws

The state of New York is ready to become one of the very first states in America to pass a series of new gun laws as a response to the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Texas.  The new laws have been championed by Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul along with New York’s liberal legislature. The […]

Expecting US-Based Oil Refineries? Think Again…

Remember when “Made in America” meant something? That’s not the way that Biden or anyone in his administration thinks. And as we watch gas prices soar, we’re told of something else that doesn’t bring us any hope. The CEO of Chevron speaks out to talk about how there haven’t been any oil refineries built in […]

Senate Confronts Gun Safety With “Red Flag” Laws As the Main Target

Another round of bipartisan U.S. Senate negotiations is set to begin as they return from their Memorial Day break. Their focus will be on what response they need to take in response to the most recent wave of shootings across the US. While increasing school safety is a focus any time they have these meetings, […]

Muslim Prayer Calls Are Being Blasted Over Minneapolis…the City Said It Was Okay…Is America Still a Christian Nation?

In a 2020 census report, 70% of America’s population identified as carriers of the cross. They’re on team Jesus. This is down by roughly 10% from the previous decade but it still lends credibility to the argument of America’s status as a nation founded on Christian morals and ideologies. Seven out of ten of us […]

Liberal Teachers Caught Voicing Their Hatred of Students under Their Care

There is no end to the terrors and the hurt that liberal teachers are lobbying towards their students. The pandemic revealed just how much the teachers in liberal-run states hated working with the youth. The teachers and their beloved unions refused to return to the classrooms until their sadistic demands were met. They essentially held […]

Supreme Court Targeting Their Own Clerks Amid Recent Leak

The Supreme Court is an institution the American people believe in. It is the backbone of our judicial system. The place where anyone in America can appeal to have their case heard, and while not all are chosen, the honor of being selected is enormous. So, when the sanctity of that court is being violated, […]

Ridiculous! Chaos Rising Over ‘Civil War’ Language from Trump Re-post on Social Truth 

Former President Donald Trump is fielding a slew of criticism for a post he reposted on his social media platform, Truth Social, that led to the words “Civil War.” Social Truth was developed by the Trump team after he was banned from the mainstream platforms because of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Supposedly […]

Iran Found Smuggling Oil Out of Country and Those Involved Are Now under Sanctions

Iran is a terrorist nation actively developing nuclear weapons to use against their selected targets. The Democratic party has a long history of supporting its efforts to acquire the material needed to produce the devices. Joe Biden and his administration have sought to empower Iran to continue their efforts by working to get the terrorist […]

NY Senate Passes Bill Banning Lyrics from Being Used as Evidence

If you know much about crime rates in New York, you’ll see that they have been rising for a while now. And since the summer of 2020, when groups like Black Lives Matter made it acceptable to commit a crime in the name of being “anti-racist,” or whatever they want to call it, those rates […]

Nancy Pelosi Shows How Ignorant She Regarding Her Own Faith

Nancy Pelosi claims that she is an excellent Catholic and believes it is acceptable to murder an unborn child. The raunchy Democrat has placed her politics above her faith. She was a liberal long before she is a Catholic. Her goal is to win over the religious voters to her corner. Her goal is to […]

Women’s Sports May Actually Be Saved…

Women’s sports are under attack – and we’ve been seeing it for the past year or so. Women are suddenly not the ones winning in a women’s sport. Instead, it is transgender women who are coming in first place and walking away with the gold. Transgender women, however, are simply men who have decided that […]

Pentagon Seizes Foreign Reporters Phone During Defense Department Flight

The United States Pentagon is taking some heat for seizing a foreign reporter’s phone and not allowing him to use his electronics while traveling with the Defense Department this weekend. The reporter identified himself on Twitter as Reuter’s Idrees Ali, a journalist that has covered the Pentagon for six years.  He was traveling with the […]

World Economic Forum Back At It in the Alps

The World Economic Forum is back from quarantine with no time to spare! This elite gathering in the Swiss Alps was back after a two-year coronavirus hiatus. Business gurus, political leaders, and energetic activists came together to take the urgent issues of the day around the world.  Their goal is a pretty bit, to help […]

Here’s the Real Deal Behind the Baby Formula Shortage…It Isn’t What You Think

“It isn’t the government’s fault there’s a baby formula shortage.” “It’s a supply chain issue.” “They’re sending it all to those immigrants.” “Don’t go blaming Biden.” These are only several of the innumerable thoughts and excuses coming from the mouths of we presumptive Americans of why goat’s milk is flying off the shelves. It’s the […]

Taliban Proves Their Words Mean Nothing…Actions Show Worst Fears are Coming True

When Afghanistan fell, the Taliban promised that things would be different. They told the western world not to worry – women would still have rights. Meanwhile, every woman in Afghanistan was terrified. After all, we’re dealing with terrorists. They can’t possibly be held to their word. Biden promised that the Taliban would keep their promises. […]

Here We Go Again…Mask Recommendations Are Back!

So you probably just got your flip-flops out of your closet because summer is on its way. Well, the flip-flops have been out all year at the CDC! And here it comes again…they are on the verge of reissuing calls for indoor masking. Apparently, COVID-19 cases are again in the United States and some are […]

Steve Schmidt Says John McCain Was a Liar

John McCain was once the favorite of many people because of the unique stance he took on politics. But a recent interview opened the door a little further as to what John McCain was really like as a person. The Playbook Deep Dive interviewed Steve Schmidt, the mastermind behind McCain’s 2008 campaign for president. And […]