Biden Tossed $200 Million U.S. Tax Dollars at Ukraine for a Fight the U.S. Has No Dog in…How Many Homeless U.S. Vets Would That Have Housed?

Crush Rush/
Crush Rush/shutterstock.comRussian military troops are poised on the Russia/Ukraine border like vultures awaiting the ring of a dinner bell. Mimicking a playground bully, Vladimir Putin is using them as a form of extortion to have his demands met. He gets what he wants or Ukrain gets desecrated. Specifically, Putin is butt-hurt over Ukraine hogging all the […]

Liberals Are Desperate to Pull Down Posters Mocking “Commie” Biden in Capitol

By RedhoodStudios/
By RedhoodStudios/shutterstock.comArt has long been something to celebrate and admire, no matter what that arm form may look like. But apparently, the more liberal crowd in Washington, D.C., aren’t all that appreciative of some art that has been popping up all over the city in recent days. One of the first to report on the newly […]

FBI Refuses to Admit Arabs Can Be Racist

oneinchpunch/shutterstock.comThis past Saturday saw the rise of antisemitism and hate invade Dallas, TX. An armed Muslim named Malik Faisal Akram, 44, of Blackburn, England invaded a synagogue and took several members of the community and their rabbi hostage. While he did eventually let them go unharmed, he was no longer alive when he was to […]

Biden Suffers Another Loss After Judge Rules Against Vaccine Mandate

Viacheslav Lopatin/
Viacheslav Lopatin/shutterstock.comJoe Biden cannot seem to catch a break with any of his executive orders. The old man thinks that he can bypass Congress and issue laws that affect how the country operates. Biden is the one president that has abused his executive powers so much that no other president in history has ever issued as […]

Harris Mumbles and Stumbles Over Her Words

Juli Hansen/
Juli Hansen/shutterstock.comVice President Kamala Harris is one person no one likes to be around. They do not like to work with her since she is rude and treats people like second-class citizens. They do not like to give her things to do because it is clear that she never completes any project. And now it seems […]

Don’t Have COVID? You Might by the Time You’re Out of a California Hospital!

Halfpoint/shutterstock.comCalifornia screwed up big time. They were so focused on keeping everyone healthy that they got rid of all of their staff who refused to get the vaccine. Forget that they were good at their jobs. Forget that they were perfectly healthy. Simple refusal of the vaccine left to countless terminations across the hospitals in […]

Biden Admin Response to Michigan School Shooting has Conservatives Concerned

Keith Homan/
Keith Homan/shutterstock.comIn light of last year’s school shooting in Michigan, the Biden administration reports a new rule for firearms stating they must be in secured storage devices. A new rule was issued on Monday that requires all federally licensed gun retailers to certify that they have gun storage containers available that are specifically compatible with guns […]

Mainstream Media Covers Up Terrorist Link of Man with Explosives at FL Rally

Ink Drop/
Ink Drop/shutterstock.comJanuary 6th came and went with minimal gatherings and disruptions. The circus of theatrics the left turned this date into to commemorate the insurrection was a poor attempt to make it seem like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor all over again. The mainstream media did find one interesting story for the day though. Naturally, Florida Man […]

Owner of Los Angeles Café Stands for Freedom After $100,000 in COVID Fines from Health Department

amabird/shutterstock.comThe county of Los Angeles is now strong-arming a local café for refusing to abide by the massive regulations and health codes around the pandemic. The county filed suit against the Novo Café in Westlake Village which has garnered fines that now total in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Novo Café has simply refused […]

Obama Claims “Our Democracy Is at Greater Risk Today Than It Was” Before Jan 6th

Everett Collection/
Everett Collection/shutterstock.comSince leaving office former President Obama has remained in the spotlight while not saying much. That all changed at the anniversary ceremony of the January 6th “insurrection.” While many were surprised at the decision to have a mass gathering and speeches surrounding the events of that day, it still didn’t stop the people in attendance […]

January 6 “Insurrectionists” are Now Running for Office

Gallagher Photography/
Gallagher Photography/shutterstock.comWe’ve all seen the stories of how “insurrectionists” stormed the Capitol Building on January 6 of last year. The question we really have to ask is if we believe they were trying to defend or destroy the democracy of our country. And, really, this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Forget about what the […]

House GOP Turns the Tables on Pelosi’s Pet January 6 Project

Al Teich/
Al Teich/shutterstock.comFor nearly a year now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ilk have been “investigating” the January 6 capital incursion. But they have done little in actually making much headway. Instead, they have only painted former president Donald Trump as the instigator and every Trump supporter as the perpetrator, despite evidence that holds to the […]

What the Medical Community Really Thinks of Fauci…

M_Agency/shutterstock.comOver the last couple of years, one name has been heard over and over again in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Enter Dr. Anthony Fauci. Before the spring of 2020, most of us had probably never heard of him before. But now, his name is so well known that it has even been made into […]

Look! Another Republican Gets Banned from Both Twitter and Facebook. Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee!

13_Phunkod/shutterstock.comSocial media has proven that they are all about pushing the liberal agenda. Anyone who speaks out with a conservative view may get slapped with a “misinformation” label, silenced for a few days, or even completely removed from the platform. We saw how former president Donald Trump was treated when he spoke out. Twitter threw […]

AOC Gets Worked Up About Republicans Wanting to Date Her…What!?!?

Grossinger/shutterstock.comAOC is the liberal Representative who is supposed to want us all to mask up and vaccinate. Yet, where is she spending her time on a break from Capitol Hill? Oh, you know…one of the states that she supposedly hates – Florida. It makes sense when you think about it. Florida has everything that New […]

US Troops Blow Iranian Bomb-Carrying Drones Out of the Sky in Baghdad…They Were Aimed at Them

Rocksweeper/shutterstock.comUS troops hosted at an Iraqi Air Base near Baghdad International Airport were recently greeted by two fixed-wing bomb-carrying drones. Because the day marked the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s ordered drone attack that blew up one of the most hideous Iranian tyrants in history, General Qassem Soleimani, the troops were on high alert for […]

Dr. Fauci To Garner $350K a Year From American’s in Retirement

NAR studio/
NAR studio/shutterstock.comWhen you are out-earning the President, four-star generals, and nearly (if not all) of your colleagues you’ve done something right. Or at least you haven’t screwed something up so bad that they got rid of you. Then again he also got a special ‘permanent pay adjustment’ from President Bush according to Forbes who broke the […]

Politically Charged Response From Biden’s Office As He Must Bow to Republican Demands

Matt Smith Photographer/
Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.comThe president is one person that lives by selfish intentions. The moment he took office was when the country started on a downward spiral to liberal control. He tore down all of Donald Trump’s security measures at the border, and he left people behind in a battle zone. The man has broken promises and puts […]

America is in Crisis…So Biden Goes on Vacation

ApostolisBril/shutterstock.comAmerica is in crisis. It’s obvious at every turn. Crime is skyrocketing in liberal cities because of their desire to defund the police. People are confused about how to deal with the pandemic – and the rules change based on the state they are in. And, let’s not forget about the fact that the border […]

Biden Continues To Create Shortages As Things Mount Up Against Him

Trevor Bexon/
Trevor Bexon/shutterstock.comThe president is on his last leg as he tries to fix all of the terrible messes created. He has abandoned so many people that he can’t solve all his problems. And as the opponents stand outside the door, ready to take over, he continues to make decisions without considering the consequences or how to […]

Could Illegal Aliens Really Be Allowed to Vote? Our Worst Nightmare is Around the Corner…

Made360/shutterstock.comSince the very start of our country, we wanted to make sure that we all had a voice – all Americans. We fought for our country, we pay taxes for our country, and we are a part of our country. Therefore, as a right, we have the ability to decide who will hold office locally […]

Bidens Build Back Better Coffin Is Ready for His Arrival

DOERS/shutterstock.comJoe Biden needs a win if his party survives the 2022 midterm elections. For the Democrats winning comes first. They cannot fathom any losses because they have come to believe in their lies that they are the favored majority, and everyone loves what they are doing. They ignore the facts that people are voting them […]

Another Student Loan Pause…But When Will It End?

Andrey_Popov/shutterstock.comThe liberals would love nothing more than to cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt. Yet, that’s taking money away from the federal government – and teaching people that they don’t need to make good on their financial commitments. The student loan programs have been paused several times. It seemed that the repayment would […]

DeSantis Gives People the Ability To Fight Back Against Woke in Florida

Leonard Zhukovsky/
Leonard Zhukovsky/shutterstock.comThe liberals of America are waking up to the fact that they are no longer the favored party. They have purposely lied to the people, broken their promises, and left citizens to die behind enemy lines. For all practical purposes, they have sold their soul to the devil and have the intention of ever-changing their […]

San Francisco Mayor Gives ‘Remarkable Concession’ To Fight Crime; What’s Next?

IM_photo/shutterstock.comWhen you choose to defund a program or a section of your public service, they lose their effectiveness. Some of that loss in productivity comes from a smaller workforce, and some comes from caring less about the very people who want you to be paid less. Another chunk comes from mandating things like vaccines on […]

Two Things We Know…Biden’s Not Invading Russia, Biden is Accommodating Russia

Matt Smith Photographer/
Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden’s presidency seems to be focusing on “accommodating” Russia in its aggressive posture with Ukraine. The president said on Wednesday that he is working to address Russia’s “concerns” about NATO. He also said that he is trying to find “any accommodations” he can for them to keep from having conflict.  President Biden said […]

Out of Options, Ghislaine Maxwell Debates Taking the Stand in a Plea Deal…She May Be About to Squeel Like the Pig She Is

Salivanchuk Semen/
Salivanchuk Semen/shutterstock.comWho in their right mind would take the fall for a dead guy when their most-unfortunate demise would be better served by scape-goating the long gone thug to get off the hook? If they could, they’d probably tell their still alive partner in crime to do it. As Jeffrey Epstein’s former purveyor of young flesh, […]

Rep. Adam Schiff Falsified Text He Presented to Jan 6th Committee

Sheila Fitzgerald/
Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.comOf all the times to lie, Rep. Schiff picked to lie while under oath about statements said during the Jan 6th protests. He doctored a visual presentation that was based around text messages sent on Jan 6, and he decided to doctor the appearance of these messages. Per Sean Davis of The Federalist “During a […]

Biden’s Empty Promises Reveal No Real Plan for Ending the Pandemic

zabanski/shutterstock.comLike most candidates, Joe Biden made a bushel of promises while campaigning for the presidency of the United States. He vowed that he had a plan to “shut down the virus, not the country.” Even then, it sounded too good to be true. Biden did not offer details on how he planned to accomplish this […]

Biden’s Favorite Way to Travel Defies His Mandates

By Matt Smith Photographer/
By Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.comAs you well know, Democratic President Joe Biden has spent the last two years or so claiming that climate change, caused by the use of fossil fuel-reliant transportation, is destroying the planet. Perhaps this is why he has flown literally millions of miles using Air Force aircraft. Or why when he recently visited the Pope […]

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