Here We Go Again…Mask Recommendations Are Back!

So you probably just got your flip-flops out of your closet because summer is on its way. Well, the flip-flops have been out all year at the CDC! And here it comes again…they are on the verge of reissuing calls for indoor masking. Apparently, COVID-19 cases are again in the United States and some are […]

Steve Schmidt Says John McCain Was a Liar

John McCain was once the favorite of many people because of the unique stance he took on politics. But a recent interview opened the door a little further as to what John McCain was really like as a person. The Playbook Deep Dive interviewed Steve Schmidt, the mastermind behind McCain’s 2008 campaign for president. And […]

Sen. Warren Given Lesson in Math After Crying About ‘Minority’ Blocking Their Way

May 11th unofficially turned into ‘Mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) day’ across social media platforms because of her claims a bill to codify abortion was the result of a minority ruling the majority. Her gaffe drew the attention of people across the globe, with many mocking her inability to do simple math. The Senate failed […]

Biden Has His New Press Secretary Lie about Higher Taxes and Inflation

Joe Biden has a warped sense of what it means to deal with inflation. It has become clear that the old man does not have the foggiest idea of what it takes to lower prices and stop inflation from climbing out of control. Biden thinks that raising taxes will cause prices around the country to […]

Democratic Mayor Demands Rebellion over Imaginary Circumstances

Lori Lightfoot is the Democratic Mayor of Chicago, Illinois. Her liberal outlook on how she conducts her affairs has led to high crime rates and immense suffering for the people living within the city limits. She does not trust anyone she sees as an obstacle to her socialist agenda. She views all white males as […]

As Inflation Skyrockets Crypto Crashes and the Democrats Are Elated

When cryptocurrency was first introduced to the world, it was formed as a way to buy things on the black market. From guns to drugs to fake passports. Even stolen credit card numbers and social security numbers were up for grabs, and the untraceable currency was the preferred way to pay. Places like Silk Road […]

President Biden Just Can’t Get Past His Anger Over ‘Ultra-MAGA’

President Joe Biden doesn’t have a strong vision for the future, so he keeps focusing on the past. Biden won’t stop going after former President Trump and keeps attacking what he calls the GOP’s “Ultra-MAGA” agenda.  The most recent rant came while the president was trying to explain his plan to defeat inflation. Everybody in […]

Biden’s a Promise-Breaker – Just Look at Gas Prices

Biden promises. It’s what he does – and he’s made a lot of different promises even before he made it into the Oval Office. We’ve seen that he breaks those promises, too. All he does is offer lip service to appease the American people. As soon as he has a chance to go back on […]

Gender-Affirming Healthcare is Blatantly Banned in Alabama

Gender-affirming healthcare is all about giving in to the whims of children. Every girl who has ever worn blue and said “I’m a boy” can now actually become a boy. Every boy who has ever played with a Barbie or worn pink and said “I’m a girl” can now actually become a girl. We forget […]

Ransomware and COVID Prove Too Much for Historic IL College

Lincoln College is one of the most historic colleges in Illinois. With ground first being broken back in 1865, the school has seen a lot of history play out for its students, and they have endured horrific times in our nation’s past. Now they have found themselves unable to continue due to a ransomware attack […]

Biden’s Sound Stage a Medical Necessity Due to His Inability To Remember

Ever since Biden took office the American people have wondered what happened to the Oval Office. Had he remodeled it? Did he think his touch could improve on such a classic design? We quickly learned that he didn’t do a thing to the Oval Office. His staffers felt that he would appear more relaxed and […]

Wall Street Taking More Losses Due to Fears of the Fed Jacking the Rate up Even Higher and at a Faster Pace

Taking losses is never an easy thing for a company or investor to do. While it will happen at least here and there, any investor worth their salt takes as many precautions to avoid it as possible. This means diversification of investments and being hands-on with your money. As much as people love the idea […]

Delaware Computer Repair Shop Owner Sues Adam Shift Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The Delaware computer repair shop owner who brought Hunter Biden’s laptop into the light before the 2020 election is going toe to toe with some powerful Democratic leaders.  John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the repair shop, is suing California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for allegedly saying that he spread Russian disinformation. Isaac is […]

FDA Now Ready To Admit COVID Is Just the New Flu

Monday, May 2nd was a day that the American people have been waiting to see for over a year now. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its top officials finally put pen to paper to admit that COVID-19 is much like influenza. As such it is nothing more than another respiratory disease that we […]

UFOs Are a Serious Concern That Government Agencies Won’t Take Seriously

The days where we thought people talking about UFOs being crazy are over. The reality is that there are UFOs – though they might not be from other planets. They may just be from other nations – enemy nations. When trained military professionals look into the sky and point out a UFO, we have to […]

Former VP Pence Chief of Staff Loses Mind Over the Idea of Student Loan Forgiveness

Former VP Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short took to a panel on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Bret Bair the show was full of Short telling Bair and others just what he thought of student loan forgiveness and other topics. Given the problems Americans have been facing with student loans, it’s not surprising Short had […]

Families Need to Earn $35.80 an Hour Just to Make a Living Wage

There is a new study that was done by the 2022 County Health Rankings has indicated that a family which includes one adult and two children needs to earn an average of $35.80 an hour just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, wages that have been stagnant for decades and rising costs due to record-setting inflation […]

Putin to Give Power to Another

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not at his healthiest if you didn’t know. For months, rumors about his physical condition, as well as his mind, have been swirling, creating all sorts of questions and controversies. Of course, neither the Kremlin nor Putin himself have given much, if any, weight to those concerns. After all, doing […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Supreme Court Ready to Rule on Trump-Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments this week on one of former President Trump’s most popular policies, it is being referred to as the “Remain in Mexico” policy. The real name of the policy is “Migrant Protection Protocols.” President Trump initiated this plan so that migrants seeking asylum in America would have to stay in […]

Tens of Thousands of Cubans Run for the U.S. Border As Team Biden Heads to Havana…Cuba Doesn’t Want Them Back

At a time when the U.S./Mexico border is experiencing an unprecedented tsunami of migrants yearning to plunder and pillage, it would seem like a good time to strongly fortify it. As crazy as it sounds, how about we build a giant wall? The idea isn’t that far-fetched. But considering who’s president and who’s responsible for […]

DeSantis Signs New Law Establishing an Election Police Force

Once again, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the way, and it is the way the rest of the nation should be going. Governor DeSantis signed a new bill this week that will bring massive voting changes through a new, dedicated election police force. This will enable his administration to have investigations with teeth to […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Biden Has A New Woke Direction for US Military

If you hadn’t heard, the US Military is going woke. There is now some sort of sensitivity training for just about everything, from politics and religion to gender identity and racism. Meanwhile, combat readiness and skills training has been put on the back burner. But in addition, Democratic President Joe Biden and his ilk would […]

Far-Left Teacher Says Kids are Dying Because of Florida’s Parental Rights Law

A far-left teacher in Florida recently got some spotlight by a Twitter account called “Libs of Tik Tok.” The clip was of an interview that Florida teacher Ravi Ramirez had with CNN’s Brian Stelter. She is seen saying that the media needs to be less reactionary and here’s the kicker…she noted that kids are “dying” […]

Cops in Santa Ana Are Blasting Disney Tunes During Routine Stops and Investigations…Yes…Really

Police in Santa Ana, California became tired of having their every move videoed when they were on patrol. Since the killing of George Floyd made national headlines even the smallest interactions between the police and citizens have witnesses holding their cellphones high to record the incidents, many of which end up on YouTube. To dissuade […]

North Korea Now a Threat for Cyber Attacks on Crypto

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the U.S. Treasury Department came out together to issue a rare joint warning about North Korea. The hermit kingdom has been honing its hacking skills and has its sights set on taking over the cryptocurrency markets to keep the tiny nation afloat. The […]

Delirious Biden Has Announced if He Intentions to Run Again

The Democratic Party is finally coming to grips that they are not the educated elite that they think they are. The best that they had to run against Donald Trump in 2020 was a list of jokers that thought too highly of themselves. Joe Biden was finally selected to run against Donald Trump. And it […]

It’s Not Just Republicans Who Have Issues with Biden’s Agenda

It’s not just Republicans who are distancing themselves from President Joe Biden in the upcoming elections. Democrats are also having a problem with some of the president’s agenda, especially as it relates to the border crisis.  John Fetterman is the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and at the front of the pack for the state’s Democratic Senate […]

Pence Has Fond Memories of Going Toe to Toe With Putin

Former Vice President Mike Pence appeared at a Young America’s Foundation at the University of Virginia on April 12th. During this appearance, he was honored to give a speech to those in attendance and he didn’t mince words about how he sees US foreign relations going forward. His memories as VP give him a unique […]