Feds Use Tear Gas on the Mayor of Portland

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, is apparently trying to change the tide. No, that doesn’t mean he is trying to stop the rioting, looting, violence that his city is enduring on a nightly basis. Instead, it means he is joining them, and last night he even took some tear gas for their cause.

As you have likely heard, Portland has been a city of unrest and chaos for some 55 days or so. And Wednesday was no exception. As usual, “peaceful protests” or “demonstrations” began in the evening hours, lasting well into the night and ending in property damage and violence.

During the earliest days of this, the protests were in response to the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody some 1,600 miles away. Portland residents showed up to resist the hold they believe systematic racism and police brutality have on our local governments. Naturally, Mayor Ted and his nearly infamous police were a target of this anger and outrage.

However, in recent days, the Democratic mayor seems to be trying a new tactic, one that turns that rage and anger once aimed at him towards the federal government and President Donald Trump.

As the days of rioting and unrest within the city have continued, Trump has called for it to be quieted. And when it became clear that Mayor Wheeler could not or would not do so, Trump sent in federal agents. These men and women are charged with protecting federal property within the city, such as the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, as well as handling any outbursts of violence and unrest that pop up within the city.

Naturally, Wheeler and his leftist cohorts don’t appreciate the help and have since insisted that the feds leave. But they haven’t. And so protests continue in earnest.

Wednesday, Mayor Ted decided to join them as one of the people. Only he must have forgotten to tell the feds that he was coming because when the “protests” turned not so peaceful as they are apt to do, Ted was right there with the rest of the crowd getting tear gassed and shot at with stun grenades. Either that or the fed didn’t really care.

According to the Associated Press, “The mayor of Portland, Oregon, was tear-gassed by the U.S. government late Wednesday as he stood at a fence guarding a federal courthouse during another night of protest against the presence of federal agents sent by President Donald Trump to quell the unrest in the city.”

The outlet continued, saying that it “was the first time he’d been tear-gassed and appeared slightly dazed and coughed as he put on a pair of goggles someone handed him and drank water.”

But while several outlets have seemed to make the mayor appear brave and one of the people-like for joining in on the ruckus, in reality, he was anything but.

As the AP and several others report, before the tear gas began, Wheeler attempted to speak to the people, to thank them for coming out and standing up against Trump. But the crowd jeered at him. Some even held signs protesting him that read, “Tear Gas Ted.”

Now, as the mayor had not yet been exposed to the tear gas, it is believed these signs were refereeing to a nickname that the hypocritical mayor had been given much earlier. You see, Mayor Ted was not always so against law enforcement. In fact, it is common knowledge that he often sent in his self-appointed police force to tear gas mobs within the city when he didn’t agree with them.

Even now, it appears he isn’t wholly opposed to security and police, as he attended the nights not so peaceful events with a full security detail at his side. And while they kept the majority of water bottles and other paraphernalia being thrown in his direction from actually hitting the mayor, they could do little about the tear gas raining down on them.

Well, that isn’t entirely true either because it didn’t take too much tear gas or insults and objects being thrown at the mayor before he was rushed from the scene, escorted on all sides by his security.

Before the full-on rioting and looting of the night began, Mayor “Tear Gas Ted” was likely already safe and sound at home, still trying to shake off the horrors of his experience.

So much for being one of the people, Ted.