FBI: Dozens Of Gangs in Major Democratic-Controlled City United to Put Hit Out on City Cops

Law enforcement officers in the city of Chicago, Illinois are on high alert after the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that some of the city’s most deadly gangs have put out a “shoot-on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public,” order to their members.

This news was reported by the local ABC affiliate, who claims to have received the intelligence that was in the “situational information report” from FBI officials in Chicago dated August 26, 2020. The report cites almost three dozen gangs who are taking part in the “cabal” to stamp out law enforcement’s presence in the Democratic-controlled city.

According to the ABC affiliate the warning states, “members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in the performance of their official duties. The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent ‘shoot on-site’ of said officer, in order to garner national media attention.”

CPD Superintendent David Brown stated that he believes there has been an overall “sense of lawlessness” that law enforcement officers are having to deal with from those they are sworn to protect. While he didn’t comment directly on the alert being circulated to police, Brown said on Monday the danger to officers is something very real that’s growing all the time.

“I think it’s bigger than a suggestion,” Supt. Brown said. “I think 51 officers being shot at or shot in one year, I think that quadruples any previous year in Chicago’s history. So I think it’s more than a suggestion that people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

Brown went on to say that he believes the increase in attacks on law enforcement makes it clear to him that “people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

“We need police officers and as community members, we need to push back fervently against lawlessness,” Brown said.

The city of Chicago, which has been controlled by loud and proud Democratic for the better part of six decades, is known to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States with 18 murders taking place in a single day late in May of 2020 (you know when quarantine was still in full swing).

The Windy City has long been pointed to as an example of what will become of large cities that major in entitlements, subsidizing things like unemployment, offering a safe haven for drug users, and jacking taxes through the roof while stamping out small business rights, and offering leniency to criminals with good connections.

Progressive environments have time and again made themselves the breeding ground for movements, such as the “defund the police” movement, and the citizens are likely to be the ones that pay the price in the long run.

One would be hard-pressed to put a positive spin on what three dozen of the cities most deadly gangs could want with fewer cops on the street or ones who were slow to draw their weapons in the face of danger.

No doubt gang members have been moved by the protests and riots and are looking for a way to make police less likely to use force when arresting … well, them. Because let’s face it, nobody is more concerned about how the police will treat a person in custody than those who frequently find themselves face down on the pavement.