Fauciism Becomes Household Word as Desantis Tells Why He Took a Different Path

Ron DeSantis is taking the steps necessary to keep Floridians safe from people Like Joe Biden and the hit squads he has roaming the streets. Liberals in left-run states believe that violence is the way for them to get what they want out of people. They do not fear the laws in their states because their liberal leaders are spineless and will not prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

He has also taken steps that prove very unfavorable with the fearful left when it comes to keeping the state open. When the country went into liberal panic mode, DeSantis decided that there needed to be a different way of handling the pandemic.

The media would have everyone believe that he blindly took action, but that could not be farther from the truth. The favored governor took an approach that was scientifically based and decided not to allow Fauciism to dictate his next move for the millions of people that love living free in Florida.

Governor DeSantis stated that “It took me a few weeks, March and into April, to get enough data to say okay, you know, we’re not doing Fauciism. We’re gonna make sure our state’s open. We’re gonna get the kids back into school, and we’ll just focus our protection on elderly people.”

And that is precisely what he did. He protected the elderly and made it possible for small business owners to open up as early as they could. And the entire time, the mass media railed against him, making claims that he was going to be the one that would kill off millions.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it made sense to land on the side of caution and shut everything down. But when the science started telling a different picture than what old Fauci said, it became clear what DeSantis needed to do.

He needed to go a different direction. He may have played it safe by liberal means and locked everything down. Still, he would soon rejoin the ranks of Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming and open everything back up again.

These states remained open and accessible, and it soon became evident that Fauci’s way was wrong. So DeSantis took a page out of Kristi Noem’s book and opened the state and schools back up. His actions would drive Governor Whitmer crazy, but she would soon travel to Florida herself.

The state of Florida has over a million people living within its borders. The state boasts of having the second-largest group of elderly people living in the warm air. A liberal would have locked the state down and kept it that way, but DeSantis had a different idea.

He decided it would be best to remove the restrictions and let people out to enjoy life once again. After all, some of the science was claiming that the virus could live in hot weather. He opened schools and made it possible for small business owners to get back to work. While Fauciism kept killing blue states, Florida was open and accessible.

DeSantis made it illegal for people to be fined or arrested for not wearing a mask. Most counties mandated that mask, but they could not enforce it on people. For the most part, people were compliant because they were not forced to do something they did want to do.

The liberals went on to make predictions about how long it would be before Florida’s hospitals would be overcrowded and people were dying in the streets. But that did not happen, and the doomsday predictions were left for the comics to read and make fun of.

In recent days the state has even posted single death rates. The nasty Democrats thought it impossible for open states to survive. But so far, Florida and other states are leading the way back to normality.

Ron DeSantis has done the impossible with the way he handled the virus. He opened the state and kept it from becoming another failed statistic for the liberals to use against freedom. He has defied the odds and found a better way to keep things prosperous in the Sunshine state.