Fauci Proved to Have Lied as New Documents Show His Involvement with the COVID Virus

By ANNA ZASIMOVA shutterstock.com
By ANNA ZASIMOVA shutterstock.com

Anthony Fauci is the biggest fake ever to claim to be a doctor. He has repeatedly lied to the American people about COVID-19, his involvement with the creation of the virus, and his true intentions in life. He has lied to the Senate, which is a punishable offense, and now it looks like there is proof implicating him to everything he has tried to deny.

James Corner revealed a letter sent from the National Institute of Health and Infectious Diseases clearly showing how the little weasel lied to Rand Paul when he asked about the doctor’s involvement with creating the pandemic virus. Fauci had denied any involvement, but now a letter shows that he used taxpayer money to fund the research for the China virus.

The type of research that he secretly funded had been banned under Donald Trump’s term in office. The danger of creating a killer virus was too great. But that did not stop the tiny man from putting money towards the illegal project.

Fauci had once claimed that his organization had nothing to do with the funding of the COVID-19 virus. But his organization betrayed him and sent the letter proving that the man had been lying the entire time.

The more the man is investigated, the more evidence is showing up to the contrary. RedState would report that “the story regarding gain-of-function research and were among the first media outlets to accurately report that Fauci lied during that interaction. The NIH letter specifically discusses genomic studies of bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

The letter went on to report that “It is important to state at the onset that the published genomic data demonstrate that the bat coronaviruses studied under the NIH grant to EcoHealth Alliance, Inc. and sub ward to the Wuhan Institute of Virology are not and could not have become SARS-CoV-2.  Both the progress report and the analysis attached here again confirms that conclusion, as the sequences of the viruses are genetically very distant.”

Fauci was eager to what would happen when certain killer viruses were spliced together. He wanted to know if a super-killing bug would be born. He never once thought through the potential consequences if such a bug were ever to get out. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed because he funded an illegal research project.

Fauci has blood on his hands, and no amount of cleaner will ever wipe away that much blood.

James Corner also showed that the letter proved that EcoHealth violated the grant money terms. The money was to be used to research deadly viral infections. But it was used to create a deadly virus using viral agents that typically would not infect human beings. Fauci gave them the money and then looked the other way.

The mounting evidence is the nail in Fauci’s coffin. The only thing standing in the way of a fair investigation is the current administration. Anthony Fauci will not leave Biden’s side because he needs the protection of the old man. But there is coming a time when he will no longer be able to hide his pointy nose. He will have to answer for his actions and face criminal charges for lying to Rand Paul.

RedState also reported a problem with “the letter states that the ‘bat coronaviruses studied under the EcoHealth Alliance grant could not have been the source of SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic.’ The problem with that conclusion is that it relies exclusively on data and reports provided by the very people who would be implicated in the greatest crime in the history of humanity.”

They throw Antony Fauci under the bus while at the same time trying to hide their involvement. Somewhere in the shadows lies the truth of what took place in Wuhan. So far, all the evidence points to Anthony Fauci providing the money necessary to create a killer virus for communist China to unleash on the world. And what makes the matter even more severe is that Joe Biden refuses to investigate the crime formally.