Fauci Plays Dumb as Rand Paul Uncovers the Truth Behind the Small Man

Dr. Fauci has clear connections to the people that were involved in creating the COVID-19 virus. He has long sought to confuse people with his mouth by changing his story about crucial issues so he can keep people off balance. He intended to keep people from finding out about funding sent to a viral lab in Wuhan. The money was to be used for testing the virus.

The truth that the weasel of a man does not want anyone to figure out is that he has a connection to the development and the spread of the virus around the world. His sick game has cost thousands of people their lives. And all the Democrats can seem to do about it is cover everything up.

His role took on the form of mismanaged funds. He was quick to hand out money but failed to know what it would be used for. When a grant is given out, it is common practice to monitor the project to ensure the funds are not being used to develop killer viruses.

What has been found is that Fauci has lied to Senator Rand Paul when asked about his involvement with Wuhan. Paul wanted to know where the money went that was given to EcoHealth Alliance. The money was supposed to have been used to study the coronavirus. But what is not being said is that the State Department was warned that the virus was deadly. There was no reason to look at the virus, knowing full well that it was harmful to the human race.

It was also discovered that the initial research project had been halted. But Fauci saw to it to allow it to continue. He decided to move forward without talking to the White House or any other authority involved. He side-stepped a significant step in the project and tried to cover it all up.

The report that made everything clear determined that “Dr. Fauci’s statements to Senator Paul are misinformed at best. We are left with very few options as to Dr. Fauci’s misstatements. Either Dr. Fauci intentionally lied to Senator Paul or, as a result of his incompetence, doesn’t know or understand what research the NIH is funding and where.”

Now that the truth has been established that Fauci is a liar, he is starting to talk. America’s “top doctor” was exposed as a liar, and it was proved that he deliberately covered up his part in creating a viral monster used to kill people around the world by the Chinese.

Before the truth came out, Fauci has said to Senator Rand Paul that “Sen. Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

But now that he has egg slapped on his face, he cannot get away from having to reveal his sinister deeds. The small man committed “perjury.” He cannot tell any person if the funding went to the gain-of-function research project. A program that should have never been allowed to continue.

Dr. Fauci has a lot to hide. He admitted that he lied, but now he is trying to play dumb as he looks for a way out of the mess he never wanted to get discovered. His reluctance to speak the truth is a crucial indicator of why the mouse man attacked Donald Trump and told an alternate version of the truth.

The American people have been played for several years by the Democratic Party. They stole an election, and now it seems that their favorite doctor has gotten involved for the sole purpose of giving them the means to create a cover story designed to keep people from seeing the harm that they are doing by passing socialist ideas on the country.

Fauci cannot be trusted any longer with issues that surround the coronavirus. And the Democrats were never trusted because they were known to liars before Fauci was ever born. The Republican Party is set to take back the country once the rest of the truth is exposed.