Fauci Looking To Suggest Shorter Quarantine Times for COVID

Liudmyla Guniavaia/shutterstock.com
Liudmyla Guniavaia/shutterstock.com

With people getting more and more fed up with the COVID panic, and Omicron being the new (albeit weaker) variant, it leaves a lot of people wanting to see change. New vaccines (not just boosters), new testing procedures, new drops in the numbers of people becoming infected. Just some sort of change that would indicate that things were finally improving and getting where they should have been months ago.

Enter the always predictable and contradictory Dr. Anthony Fauci. Every time this man appears people either get horrific information they never want to hear or they get exactly what they want but it proves to be a lie or it comes with tons of strings attached to it. This past Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Fauci revealed that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is discussing following the United Kingdom in recommending a seven-day quarantine from the previous 10.

Appearing on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Dr. Fauci said “Certainly, with the health care workers, we’re going to be doing that. It’s under serious consideration for other essential workers because when you have a workforce that’s necessary to keep the country moving smoothly; when you have, as you said, everybody knows somebody now who’s been infected, there are so many people that are getting infected, including breakthrough infections that we’re looking at the possibility of diminishing the time when you have isolation.”

He may be finally starting to see the effects of isolation on Americans. We are by nature a social society. We like being out and about with other people. Even if we don’t talk with one another randomly. The idea of just seeing and being around other people is enough to make most people happy.

Given how many people are ‘exposed’ but don’t catch the virus, the idea of lowering the quarantine time is crucial. As Dr. Fauci expanded on “But particularly when you are talking about quarantining people who have been exposed, one of the things you have to be careful of, Joe, is that when you have so many people who are exposed, not necessarily infected, but in general, they have to stay out of action for 10 days. If they have an essential job, we want to get them back on that job before the 10-day period. And that’s what was being discussed very seriously now by the CDC.”

As the CDC looks at this, it only makes sense. With the new Omicron variant, people are getting a lot of ‘false negatives’ and experiencing COVID with very little to no symptoms. Many are calling it no worse than the common cold, or only showing signs of the sniffles, so they aren’t getting tested. Especially those who have gotten the jab.

With the starkly contrasted vaccinated vs unvaccinated message the White House recently put out, it is overdue that the CDC did something to contrast that message and remind the American people that there isn’t a need to go into mass hysteria. Either on the aspect of ‘everyone needs to be vaccinated’ or the ‘vaccines will kill us all’ mindset too. Both mentalities are horrific and do nothing to provide real help or support to their fellow man.

For once Dr. Fauci is starting to admit things are not as bad as he has been making them seem for nearly two years now. Perhaps he is seeing the shift so many Americans have been looking at for over a year, or maybe he is just tired of having to defend his horrible theories at every turn. Whatever the reason, this policy change is LONG overdue.