FAKE STATE: Newsom Lies About how Good Things are in California

Gavin Newsom ignores all of the hurt that he has caused the millions of people who live in California. He would never admit that he used COVID-19 as a cover to fraud and cheat the state out of its Constitutional freedoms.

And he certainly would never want the truth of his donated funds ever to reach the news. Instead of telling the truth about how the state is doing, he thought it best to focus on pointless issues that he sees as a victory.

He started his brief speech by claiming that the state led the way on gay rights and criminal justice reform issues. Issues that have nothing to do with the real problems facing the millions of financially lost people and about ready to lose their homes because he selfishly keeps them locked up in their homes.

Newsom’s idea of criminal justice reform was to let felons out into the public because of a virus. His choice to pollute society with crime led to a rise in crime. And this is what he tries to pass off as reform. He would see things differently if he was on the receiving end of criminal behavior related to him releasing thugs from prison.

Newsom bragged about he led the state to get their own protective gear from China during the pandemic. He claimed that he led the way to get what people needed to protect themselves. He is not telling everyone that he funded the very country that released the virus on the world.

He paid them billions in a no-bid contract instead of paying one of his own state-located manufacturers the money to make the supplies they needed. Newsom could have kept the money in the state but decided to betray American made for the sake of funding the enemy.

Newsom also bragged about how he single-handedly got the infection rates to fall and how he opened up the hospitals to handle the increase of patients. But the truth is he should have worked with others in the country to keep things under control. His refusal to work with the Trump administration led to him having the country’s worst infection rates for the better part of a year.

The delusional governor acts like it was his goodwill that kept things under control. When in fact, things were out of control. He mentioned that “California’s death rate has remained one of the lowest per capita in the nation: 134 deaths per 100,000, compared to 158 nationally, 153 in Texas and 247 in New York.”

And yet, the numbers put California right in the middle. They do not have the lowest in the nation. They have been near or at the top for months.

Newsom went on to try and compare California with other countries instead of states. He could not bear the truth that the state is performing horribly when it comes to vaccinating people. If he were to admit that he bumbled the vaccine’s distribution, he would have given the recall effort the fuel they need to pull him out of his comfortable chair.

Newsom may brag about how many people have been vaccinated in the state, but the overall percentage pales compared to other states doing a great job of getting the job done right. He has failed to see that it is distributed to the right people.

Newsom tried to state that “First, we will make sure every Californian who needs a vaccine can get one. In our state, your access to the vaccine must not depend on who you know. We prioritize those who are at the greatest risk and with the greatest exposure to the virus. We don’t just talk about vaccine equity—we designed our entire system around it.”

But the centers were giving out shots to people that were not living in the areas where they were getting them. He messed up the system and tried to lie about it.

Newsom continues to act like everything is working out fine for his state. His speech attempts to cover up the truth and keep people from realizing the truth of why he is about to face recall. He has lied to the people and continues to take advantage of them.