EXPOSED: Thomas Binger Failed Charging Armed Self Defense Before Rittenhouse Trial

By PopTika/
By PopTika/

When jurisdictions need to try a very difficult, high profile, or celebrity case they often will assign their best attorneys from the city or county’s offices to serve as the lead and co-counsel. In Kenosha, WI that sentiment is either not shared, they think that a case that has all three elements to it can be done by some hack of a lawyer, or they have the same mindset they had in LA about OJ Simpson back in 1994 and think this is a slam dunk.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger has proven to be nothing more than a joke as a prosecuting attorney. While much of the liberal mainstream media loves calling his failures missteps, they fail to account for how buried his case becomes with each ‘misstep’. The interesting part here was the strange absence of Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley. 

As Daily Mail UK pointed out “Mike Graveley, the Kenosha County DA would normally have taken the case himself, but instead handed it down to assistant DA Thomas Binger, whose presentation of the case in Wisconsin has been marked with missteps and clashes with Judge Bruce Schroeder. ‘Binger was set up for failure,’ one Kenosha legal insider told ‘Graveley is the superstar and he knew this one was sure to tarnish it.’”

This is a crucial point to take note of. As anyone who has ever done the same job as a supervisor knows, if they are giving it to you and it’s a high priority project, they know it’s destined for failure and want you to take the hit for them. Instead of just dropping the charges and saving the taxpayers thousands (if not millions), they would rather waste the money to keep the liberal left happy and prosecute someone despite having evidence showing there were no charges to be had.

As the case pushes on Binger is soaking up all of this like it’s going to make him historical, and quite frankly it will. As David Hookstead explained, the exchange of “Prosecutor: You have no idea what Rosenbaum was thinking or doing. RichieMcGinnis: “He said fuck you and then reached for [Kyle Rittenhouse’s] weapon.” Will be taught for decades. Given that McGinnis was put up on the stand by the prosecution this is damning.

The first lesson given at law school is ‘Never ask your witness a question you do not already know the answer to.’ Binger laughed at that lesson and did what he wanted to do, and is now watching his case go down in flames faster than a store in a riot. His mockery of the judicial system by trying to introduce evidence that has already been made immaterial, calling on witnesses, and even asking questions that he knows will damn his case. 

ADA Binger has damned this case so hard that even Rittenhouse has taken the stand in his own defense. Something that only happens when done as a Hail-Mary to save a case that has already easily proven guilt, or in this case in a situation where the prosecution has proven nothing and even suggested the defendant did everything right. Even though this man was given a fair trial and the ADA botched it, these two will forever be linked in the history books and law classes.

Binger is already in the books for his absolute failure at prosecuting a gun trial. Back in 2017, the State of Wisconsin looked to prosecute a truck driver for a ‘concealed weapon’ in a semi-truck, despite it being in plain view while in an inspection station. Binger pushed this for a trial, despite a 2011 law stating that it was fine. Given his flagging the entire jury with a rifle during this trial, it’s obvious he is an anti-gun nut and has no business being a lawyer or gun owner.