Exposed: Democratic Funding in Illegal Riots

There is a lot of speculation floating around the country about the people involved in the riots. Many of the ones being arrested are found to live out of state.

Others are even questioning the people that are funding these insane riots are receiving. Many speculate that the Democrats are staging the riots for some selfish purpose. But it would not be beyond their ability as they have done unquestionable actions in the past.

Their actions are not going unnoticed. Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona is standing up and looking into the matter. He plans on holding a special order in the House to allow members of the House to speak out on the riots that are destroying lives. They want to know who it is that funds the riots on behalf of the Democrats.

There will be a lot of squirming Democrats as the Republicans begin the process of digging into their illegal deeds. Biggs stated that “It will be about law and order and attacks on police in neighborhood communities.” The special order is going to start the process of looking into where these crazy killers are getting the money to mass march all over the country.

Biggs pointed out that “We will be allowed to control time on the floor and we’re going to have a series of members come and speak to these issues. We should be able to go [for] a full hour. It’s going to be a good group – a diverse group of speakers. It’s from all over the conference. They’ll all bring their own perspectives from their own districts and responses to what’s going on.”

The mystery people behind the riots are funding actions of disruption and destruction in communities that are not known for being violent. Biggs has asked the Attorney General’s office to investigate the leaders of these protests to determine if they are guilty of crimes and, if so, how they can be taken down. It seems suspicious that these riots come up during an election year. During a time when the Democrats are losing badly in the race for the president’s office.

The riots started off being about protecting life and social reform and quickly turning into a malicious attempt to destroy law and order. Antifa and BLM are the two organizations that have this kind of agenda behind them. They want law enforcement to suffer so they can move along with their violent actions.

Bill Barr is the Attorney General that is best suited to look into the issues being brought up by the House Republicans. He is going to be a key player in bringing the financial backers to justice. Biggs noted that “AG Barr – in many areas – has been receptive and willing to work with us. But we also need the FBI to conduct the investigations that are necessary.”

The FBI is needed because “They would investigate criminal conduct and try to track the funding sources. If it’s an organization that has funding, they can attack it that way. And they would then turn over that information to the U.S. Attorneys, who would then try to invoke the civil RICO statutes.”

A few people were wondering if branding these rioters as terrorists would help bring them to justice. Biggs points out that it does not matter what they are called because they commit the same crimes. But being known as a terrorist organization would help cemented in one’s mind the kind of people that are marching across America.

Barr is already dealing with many people that have been arrested. His people are digging into their crimes and beginning to lay a foundation that will help point to the Democrats behind the riots’ funding.

Biggs stated that “If you disrupt their economic flow, then you have a chance to shut them down that way, instead of for the actual conduct like murder and arson… You want to attack them at both the head and the tail.” The only way to beat the rioters is to uproot their supporters and those that would fund their criminal activities.