Eric Trump Says What Americans Have Been Thinking About Trump Org Indictment

President Donald Trump has been the target of something from someone since he announced his election, and while it seems like it should have calmed down since he left the White House in January of this year, that’s just not the case. The incensed left is determined to make the president pay for what he’s done (you know, generally making a fool of Democrats and RINO Republicans) and they’re willing to take the entire family down when they do it.

As if two runs at impeachment, an election that likely should have been won, but was upheld despite historic questions and reports of fraud, and the constant threats weren’t enough, it seems that the state of New York itself, where Trump was once as close to being king as he’s ever been, sitting atop his Trump Towers bequeathing to the state much of its regality (or at least it’s flashy gold appearance) has come after the former president, and according to his son, there’s not a single good reason for it.

The former president’s son, Eric Trump serves as a trustee and executive vice president for the Trump Organization, claimes that the latest inquiry into the family business dealings is an “abuse of power and a political vendetta” that is done in an effort to keep his father from running for president again in 2024, according to the Independent Journal Review.

The younger Trump, 37, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail just before Manhattan’s Democratic District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. levied charges against CFO Allen H. Weisselberg that, “They are petrified my father will run again in 2024.”

“After five years, hundreds of subpoenas, three and a half million pages of documents, and dozens of witnesses, this is what they have?”

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, a fellow Democrat went so far as to campaign on the promise that they would prosecute Donald Trump (not at they would investigate, mind you, that they would prosecute, due process be, well, you know), and has joined forces with Vance, spending hundreds of man-hours and what IJR reported was millions of taxpayer dollars to find anything at all criminal to pin on the organization.

Weisselberg pleaded not guilty to charges of tax evasion after he was picked up for some unpaid taxes on fringe benefits. The CFO who has been with the company for 48 years is accused of not paying taxes on some of his benefits, like a company car, city apartment, and school fees for his grandkids that came from the company and were taxable.

So in other words, the Trump corporation was so great to this guy, he forgot all the great perks he got and didn’t list some of them on his taxes, and the government is going after him … because Trump was just too generous.

“Any taxpayer should be infuriated by this political witch hunt especially as young girls are getting shot in the middle of Times Square and as people are fleeing New York state in record numbers,” Eric Trump said, citing the tragic shooting of a 4-year-old girl in Times Square on Mother’s Day weekend.

“These people are cruel and these actions will expose them for who they truly are,” he said.

So, lest anyone gets caught up in the sensationalist headlines that the Trump organization has all this dirt on their hands, just remember; you hate the IRS too, and if we went through your receipts and your boss ever gave you money for coffee that you didn’t keep a receipt for, that’s roughly the same scale of income that the plaintiff in question inappropriately overlooked on his tax forms, spread over decades working for the Trump organization.

Way to stay classy, Democrats.