Epic Failure Continues to Plague House Democrats

The good for nothing Democrats are fighting yet once again over what to do with themselves. The president and Republicans are pushing for another pandemic relief bill that would greatly aid those that are still struggling to make ends meet.

Nancy Pelosi and her sorry band of misfits just cannot seem to get on the same page as their wrinkled leader. They cannot seem to find the time to address the dire need facing Americans.

As always, Pelosi is dragging her feet. She has no regard for those that need the money to pay their bills. To her, it is just a political game to play in an attempt to make the president look bad.

But there really is nothing that is going to make President Trump look bad this close to the election. He is an honest and exceptional president.

Pelosi and her secret friend, Chuck Schumer, are still pushing for what they want to see in the bill. The sad part is that they do not know what they want or else it would have already been voted on.

Instead, she has stated that they will look into it sometime next week. There is no reason to delay such a bill. It is as simple as a yes or no vote. Help Americans or throw them to the wolves like the Democrats love to do.

Pathetic Pelosi needs something to put her name on. She needs something to help her get votes in November. People are tired of her selfish nonsense and are demanding that they do something. A week is too long for many Americans. They have been out of work for months and cannot even put food on their table.

The fact that the Democrats want to stall further only shows that they want to drag the hurt out longer. The more pain and agony that they can create for people, the better they think will be their chances to win seats in November.

Their diluted minds believe that hurting people helps them. But the opposite is true as many moderate voters and many liberals are voting for President Trump because he cares for the people.

Pushy Pelosi wants to keep people dependent on the federal government for as long as possible. She wants to see unemployed people receive $600 a week for the next year. This is an indicator of how long they are going to drag out a deadly pandemic.

People are ready to return to work and get on with their lives. But the Democrats are not ready for them to do just that. They want to lock them up for months to come to create a dependency on the dirty Democrats.

The Republicans want to take the money saved in the current proposal and redirect it towards other programs designed to aid even more people. The Democrats want to keep things the way they are. They want to keep funding their loser support base that is too lazy to work for their food.

In a sarcastic statement, Chuck Schumer stated “We are really getting an understanding of each side’s position. And we’re making some progress on certain issues moving closer together. There are a lot of issues that are still outstanding, but I think there is a desire to get something done as soon as we can. And so, we’re continuing to work.”

This is his way of saying they do not have a clue as to what they are doing.

Mitch McConnell knows exactly what Pelosi is up to. He stated that “The Speaker of the House and the Democratic leader are continuing to say our way or the highway. [Schumer’s] digging in on a House messaging bill written with no input from his own members, that even House Democrats themselves called absurd.”

People are sick and tired of the games that the Democrats are playing with their lives. They need the assistance that the president is trying to give them, but the Democrats want to hold it just out of reach.

November is going to mark the end of the Democratic Party in America. They have signed their death certificate by their refusal to work with other branches of government.