Elizabeth Warren Thinks the Supreme Court Is Not Respected; Suggests We Need More Justices

Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.com
Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.com

The Supreme Court is supposed to be exactly what its name implies; supreme. Per Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) this court is anything but. She has somehow convinced herself that the court is not respected and admired by the American people. That somehow people don’t have faith in it and think the solution is more justices. That’s about as smart as saying ‘the laws we have now aren’t enforced, so let’s add in more. Making it just like gun control for the left.

Sen. Warren took some time out recently to speak with MSNBC’s The ReidOut where she discussed the Supreme Court at length. “The problem we’ve got is first, that Mitch McConnell hijacked this court. He stole the Supreme Court seat so that President Obama didn’t get to name someone, and then he crammed through a nominee just weeks before President Biden was elected. But this Supreme Court’s response to that has not been to try to restore its own integrity and try to put balance back in the court but instead to lean into the extremism.”

Ma’am, they aren’t leaning into extremism. They are leaning away from the absurd progressive politics you and the rest of the power-hungry left want to push on Americans. The Supreme Court doesn’t want to be led down the trail of horrible ‘what-if’ scenarios and games. They want to keep the American people working well and building on their successes. Not put them under their thumb and into horrific situations.

Yet her expansion on her earlier comments shows just how differently she sees things. “We got a court that over time is taking out the basic notion of the rule of law. The idea that we decide something and pretty much stick with that. It takes a long time before we make changes. But not for this court. This court is there to undercut long-established rules that protect unions, to take away people’s right to their day in court, to take away voting rights. Now we’ve watched them., they’re right on the edge of saying in basically the Roe versus Wade decision, ‘Nope, we’re going to turn that around.’ This court has lost the respect of the American people. The only way, I believe, that we’re going to rebuild that is we need to bring in more justices. We need to get some balance back in this court.”

The balance is there, and it has been there for some time. The Supreme Court is currently under a 6-3 split of Rep. vs Dem. However, there have been little to no politically biased decisions made in the last few years, or since the last ones have been instilled. Given how long these justices serve as a member of the Supreme Court, is it so much the fault of politicians, or the taxpayer that we lack fresh blood? Or is it the idea of how long we allow them to serve? Much the same can be said about politicians in general.

Quite frankly, Sen. Warren, you are on your second term as a Senator. Perhaps we need to limit your time in office so the American people can respect the Senate just a little more. It seems like you and every other Politician spend two years celebrating getting the office, three years doing halftime work, and the final year of your term campaigning for the next one. Don’t forget about the campaigning for your colleagues and other people of your party too. 

On the other hand, the Supreme Court makes decisions on which cases to hear and helps set legal precedence for years to come. They make lasting decisions and have no reelection. However, with those long terms comes the ability to see how they are changing things for the people, and the ability to re-try cases that they may have gotten wrong. As a result, they do a stellar job. Maybe Sen. Warren needs to take notes.