Dirty Democrats Need Behavioral Correction as They Act Like Spoiled Brats

The babyish Democrats planned another walkout gathering regarding the vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett to the Senate for final approval. Instead of playing fair and looking at her credentials, they resorted to playground tactics to stop her installation vote. Their reluctance to cast a vote will make it all that much easier to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The Judiciary Committee advanced the candidate onto the Senate even after the walkout happened. The country cannot wait until the Democrats grow up to make laws and fill vacated positions. Democrats just do not like the fact that the Republicans are appointing a conservative to the vacant seat so close to election day.

The ironic part of their childish behavior is that if they had the choice that the Republicans have, they would not hesitate to move on filling that position so close to the election. Their hypocrisy rings loud and clear.

What the Democrats deem as “illegitimate,” according to Chuck Schumer, will be legal without or without their vote. Barrett will be confirmed to the bench, and they will have lost their chance to voice their opinion legally.

Schumer stated the boycott “is not a decision the members of the committee have taken lightly, but the Republican majority has left us no choice. We are boycotting this illegitimate hearing.” He should have stated, “we will just hold our breath until after November 3 so we can get what we want, which is a liberal judge.”

These childish actions by the Democrats are an unmistakable mark of immaturity by their party. It also defines their supporters as they are too childishly when they do not get what they want.

Democrats hate the concept of a Democracy as a form of government. Under this system, the politicians are held accountable for their actions. Every vote is subject to the majority. This form of government puts the control of the nation in the hands of the majority.

Democrats believe that they should be the ruling body telling everyone else what to do. Their form of government is a dictatorship. One that punishes people that have differences of opinion.

Lindsey Graham said it best when he noted, “That was their choice. It will be my choice to vote the nominee out of the committee.  We are not going to allow them to take over the committee. They made a choice not to participate.”

Graham also gave the “I told you so” speech to Schumer. He poked by saying, “I remember telling Sen. Schumer, ‘You will regret this. Today he will regret it.” Democrats are horrible when it comes to thinking through their actions and what it could mean for future votes.

With the Democrats out of the way, the committee voted 12 to 0 to advance Barrett to the Senate. There she is expected to be confirmed soon. The Republicans and Independents love Barrett and cannot wait to vote for her.

Schumer blasted out that “The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is the most illegitimate process I have ever witnessed in the Senate. And her potential confirmation will have dire, dire consequences for the Senate. For the Supreme Court. And our entire country for generations to come.” It is only illegitimate because the Democrats are not the ones voting on their choice for the seat.

As chairman, Graham can waive the rule that dictates the other party to be present for the vote because they choose to be absent. He needs to have a majority present to waive the vote, which he had.

Democrats are doing themselves a major disservice by not voting. Judge Barrett at least deserves the presence of their vote. Democrats have no respect for office at all. The only way they will respect an office is if their lazy selves are sitting in the chair.

President Trump and the Republicans play nice even when they are not in the majority. They go through the process because it is the American thing to do. Democrats boycott and cry when they do not get their way. And Biden is not fit to even run for the presidency. Trump will win, and America will continue to stay great for another four years.