Did Biden Open Afghanistan to Child Trafficking?

Joe Biden has done the unthinkable related to the Afghan people and Americans still trapped inside the borders. Reports show that Biden had hidden motives as to why he decided to recklessly pull out of the region without a plan to transition the country to a stable government. He would design a departure that would enable terrorists to abuse and use people inhumanly unspeakable ways.

Officials are taking a hard look at the evacuation and what it has done to the region and Americans left behind. Biden blocked private attempts of people that wanted to go in and get others out. And the reasons behind his actions are yet to come clear.

The latest and most disturbing reports are the ones that claim old Afghan men have stolen young girls and forced them to be their brides so they can get out of the country. The idea of an old man and a young girl being together is a fancy way of saying the man raped the girl and used her as a smuggler’s tool to get out of the country.

The United States has laws that prohibit human trafficking. Once the law is violated, the person will be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly. Countries that engage in such dangerous behaviors are subject to sanctions and other penalties for their failures to deal with the abuse of young girls by very old men.

No child in their right mind would ever willingly marry a man decades older than she is. And then to be used as a tool to get out of the country is perverted at best.

One report that has come out has stated that the State Department wants to know what to do about reports of little girls being brought along with older men as their brides. These men are old enough to be their fathers.

The young girls also claim that they have been raped by these sick men who forced them to marry them to leave the country. And like all Biden loyal administrative lovers, the people involved in dealing with these accounts are staying quiet and not admitting that they are seeking guidance on handling such matters.

Biden planned to create an environment conducive to the dangerous behaviors that come with terrorist regimes. The State Department claims that such matters are hard to prove since the Afghan people are not being treated as reasonably as others around the region. Their excuse rings loud and clear with a message that they are covering something up.

United States embassies and consulates worldwide are being told to watch out for old men towing young girls along acting like they are married. It should be a red flag that the girl is in trouble and needs to be rescued from the clutches of a human smuggler.

The official report states that “Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families. Department of State has requested urgent guidance.”

Biden is once again silent on the guidance needed on how to handle some of the fallout from his raunchy actions. The president is silent because to provide such information is to admit such guidance is to announce that a problem exists. And Biden cannot afford to be accused of creating a problem.

Officials as far away as the United Arab Emirates also want to know what to do when they come across a girl being abducted and forced to act as a bridge for a man multiple years older than she is. These little girls were forced out of school and made to marry old men because the Taliban had abused the women living under their horrible regime.

Some officials had reported that some of the girls under their care have reported these men’s abuse and sexual assault and are looking for help. The problem is that Biden is not providing the leadership needed to guide these agencies with the correct course of action. And he refuses to speak up because he secretly supports the Taliban.