Destroyer Launched Against Reporter That Tried to Sink Trump With DeSantis’ Bill

Ron DeSantis continues to steamroll over the media and corrupt Democrats. Every time they try and trap him with a fake story or some fact, they end up eating their words and having to admit their lies. The media and DeSantis have a hate relationship that only favors the Republican governor.

The media and the liberals hate the man because he is a popular conservative. They also hate him because he did the unthinkable and went against the grain when handling the pandemic throughout 2020. When the Democrats wanted to lock everyone down, DeSantis opened everything up. And the number of infections dropped in Florida while the numbers up north skyrocketed.

Democrats thought they knew best when it came to healthcare and providing treatment for people during the COVID days. They argued and snarled that locking up people was the only way to stop the spread, but DeSantis calmly walked the other path, which ended up being the right path.

Floridians have enjoyed open-air and a booming economy because their governor did what was right for them and not for himself. The liberal governors thought about how they could manipulate and steal from the American people throughout the pandemic. They took away their rights and forced them to obey dictatorship-style rules.

Ron DeSantis was a huge supporter of Donald Trump. And that is another reason why the left continues to make up fake stories about the conservative hero. They need to destroy his name, so he is not a powerful contender when the next election comes around.

The latest attack by the liberal media came out of Miami. During the signing of a bill, the governor stated that Florida would not allow Big Tech to bully people in the state. They would not be allowed to censor any conservatives, or they would face stiff penalties.

Ron DeSantis is a man that handles a lot of questions. While he was in the act of signing the bill, he took some questions from the media. He even answered questions about the Critical Race Theory that he threw in the garbage and other controversial issues.

And right on cue, the liberal reporter from the Miami Herald jumped in and assumed that the censorship bill against Big Tech was because Donald Trump was living in the state. The media is so wrapped up in their hatred of Trump that they cannot get past him and move on with their lives. They are still in shock months after Trump broke off the relationship.

The reporter lustfully asked, “You’re a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump [who is] for all purposes now, a resident in Florida … and he was de-platformed. Is this bill for him?”

DeSantis calmly stated that “The bill is for everyday Floridians. It’s what we said. And it would allow any Floridian to be able to provide what they’re doing.”

The crowd groaned in pain as they had to wade through the sludge that was poured all over the moment. But DeSantis gave them a reason to be joyous when he would slam the reporter by stating But I do think that’s another issue that has been brought to bear. When you de-platform the President of the United States, but you let Ayatollah Khomeini talk about killing Jews, that is wrong.” And the reporter has been knocked out cold.

The governor’s answer caused the crowd to cheer and give him a much-deserved standing ovation. Americans are sick of the fake news and the constant attacks by the liberals that cannot seem to get over themselves.

DeSantis was seen cracking a smile in the video as he walked off the stage. There is a sense of enjoyment about putting slamming the media and beating them at their own game.

The issue of censorship did not start when Donald Trump lost his account. It has been happening to Americans for years, and it was finally brought to the light when Trump was censored. The attacks by the liberals revealed much and exposed them as frauds looking to destroy everything that makes America great.