DeSantis’ Guns are All Floridians Can Talk About

Republican and Democratic politicians alike are identifying when they get vaccinated. Why? It’s a health issue, not a political issue.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican Florida Governor, recently announced that he’ll be getting vaccinated now that he’s become eligible. Yes, he actually waited until he reached eligibility as opposed to pushing to the front of the line like many other politicians.

He said he wasn’t sure if it was going to be done on camera.

That’s when he gave everyone something to talk about. The 42-year-old governor flexed his bicep and said, “I mean, if you guys want a gun show…”

The crowd laughed. His self-deprecating humor was appreciated when he said, “probably not.”

The gun show, of course, meant that he was referring to his biceps. Yet, it was clear that many of the liberals on Twitter didn’t understand the reference or didn’t want to. The generation of everyone getting offended was on full display.

Gun shows? Oh, no. Those are bad. You can walk in and just buy a gun. These are the lies that liberals tell each other to perpetuate the lies. They don’t understand any gun shows – the literal or figurative ones.

As for seeing the gun show, as in, DeSantis rolling up a sleeve on camera, it’s not happening.

There’s plenty of speculation as to why the governor doesn’t want to do it on camera. Some believe that he’s shy about showing off his “guns” while others wonder if it’s because he actually did get the vaccine months ago.

Most state officials got the vaccine in December or January – right around the same time that the president and vice president were getting theirs. After all, they’re elected leaders.

If DeSantis is to be believed at his word, though, he’ll get his vaccine and encourage others to do the same. He has said that he’s looking forward to getting the vaccine. It’s the encouragement that many need to set up their appointment – especially as Florida has now announced that anyone 40 and older is eligible to receive their vaccine.

Now, getting the vaccine is not the same as wanting the vaccine passport – and that is something that DeSantis makes clear. He has been vocal about being against the proposal that would introduce vaccine passports. He’s even gone as far as saying that he’d take executive action to prevent such a measure in Florida.

During a press conference in Tallahassee, DeSantis said, “I think it’s something that people have certain freedoms and individual liberties” to make decisions on their own.

He’s in favor of the vaccine itself because it provides health coverage. It can limit the likelihood of contracting COVID and can reduce any severity and hospitalization in the event of contracting it.

The vaccine passport, however, would establish a two-class system. Those who don’t want to get vaccinated would no longer be able to travel. They wouldn’t have the ability to freely go where they want – and even be limited to businesses they can visit and events they can attend.

DeSantis also believes that the vaccine passport has “huge privacy implications.” He doesn’t want so much information to go to big corporations. Good. Not too many people want to hand over every personal detail without knowing how it’s going to be used.

Many of the Republican concerns about the passport have been voiced by DeSantis. It allows for a high level of tracking. It can limit who and where a person can go. The government suddenly has a significant amount of control over people.

China already has the passport – and they’ve woven it into their social points system. Communist China tracks everyone, providing points as to how it pleases the Republic of China. When residents fall below a certain social score, they lose privileges. No one wants to see such a thing happen in the U.S., yet the vaccine passport is the first step to get us there.