Dems Launch Latest Witchhunt…One Problem…Biden Is Guiltier Than Trump Ever Was…Oops

Democratic lawmakers have only themselves to blame for growing fearful of Donald Trumps’ rising popularity. Joe Biden was chosen by them and blue voters have at long last realized the mistake they made by supporting their party over a candidate. While those voters didn’t care for Trump’s way of oftentimes expressing himself, they despise the bumbling clown they elected. But this is on them for not paying close enough attention when they still had the chance. Told ‘ya so…or at least tried to.

In their panic, the lawmakers continuously fabricate new witchhunts against Trump in hopes of assuring Biden voters they did the right thing. Trump is a lying conman while Joe Biden is a stalwart beacon of shining hope and by hook or by crook they’re gonna prove it. It’s just taking longer than expected.

Coming from somewhere in left field, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), has launched an investigation into whether or not the Department of Justice illegally spied on members of Congress, journalists, and others they found worthy of keeping tabs on.

In a letter, Nadler said, “Recent reports suggest that, during the Trump Administration, the Department of Justice used criminal investigations as a pretext to spy on President Trump’s perceived political enemies.”

“It remains possible that these cases—which now include Members of Congress, members of the press, and President Trump’s own White House Counsel—are isolated incidents,” the letter continued. “Even if these reports are completely unrelated, they raise serious constitutional and separation of power concerns. Congress must make it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for the Department to spy on members of Congress or the news media. We should make it hard for prosecutors to hide behind secret gag orders for years at a time. We cannot rely on the Department alone to make these changes.”

This latest accusation is the result of former Attorney General William Barr giving his blessing to the surveillance, but what Nadler fails to realize, or mention, or perhaps admit, is how the same policy continued when Biden took office. He let it stand. It was a goose/gander scenario. He could do anything Trump could do, only better.

Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan called out the entire Biden administration by saying how they blatantly lied in the faces of reporters by denying they knew anything about the rouge surveillance. He didn’t say Trump was innocent but he most assuredly accused Biden of being guilty.

Why would the press be of enough interest to keep an eye on anyway? They don’t pass laws. They don’t even have any input. Wrong. They have plenty of input by accepting bribes to slant their reports in favor of whoever pays the most. This was all the Trump team was trying to uncover. They had a valid need to know who was paying who to corrupt the truth. Biden’s reason? To keep a clamp on that truth.

Ryan claimed that “During the final days of the Trump administration, the attorney general used extraordinary measures to obtain subpoenas to secretly seize records of reporters at three leading U.S. news organizations.”

After, and only after, the covert policy was uncovered and made public did Biden decry the activity by claiming it violated the First Amendment. He called it ‘simply, simply wrong’ and swore on his dead mother’s grave it’ll never happen again as long as he’s the ships’ captain. Uh…excuse us…it already has. Dementia can be so convenient when used appropriately.

Biden wasn’t about to pull one over on Ryan. “Unfortunately, new revelations suggest that the Biden Justice Department not only allowed these disturbing intrusions to continue — it intensified the government‘s attack on First Amendment rights before finally backing down in the face of reporting about its conduct.” Now, whose a lying conman? Hint: It isn’t Trump.

Here comes the truth and nothing but. Remember where you heard it. Ryan’s follow up statement is stronger than is possible for anyone else to put into words, so here are his:

“After Biden took office, the department continued to pursue subpoenas for reporters’ email logs issued to Google, which operates the New York Times’ email systems, and it obtained a gag order compelling a Times attorney to keep silent about the fact that federal authorities were seeking to seize his colleagues’ records. Later, when the Justice Department broadened the number of those permitted to know about the effort, it barred Times executives from discussing the legal battle with the Times newsroom, including the paper’s top editor.”

Gotcha, Joe.