Dems Calling out Dems: DC Mayor Finds out the Hard Way She’s Gone too Far

It’s sometimes hard to admit when we’ve taken something too far, but it’s not hard for others to point out, especially our enemies. While compassion is a virtue, it’s difficult to even feel bad for some of the more aggressive leftists who have been cannibalized by their own party so others can step on their necks to get ahead.

While her cancelation isn’t in full effect yet, it was a dark week for D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) who got four “Pinocchios” from The Washington Post over her comments defending a violation of the city’s new mask mandate.

Bowser rose to notoriety when she went head to head with President Donald Trump last summer over how to treat both the rioters who stormed her city, burning, looting, and otherwise threatening the city and the White House. She also left a bad taste in the mouth of conservatives for how she treated service members who were brought in to help with crowd control and city protection.

Those interactions launched Browser into the national spotlight, but at least for now, she’s kept in the spotlight for insincerity and a lack of truthfulness in her statements about her own compliances with the city of Washington D.Cl’s mask mandates while attending an indoor wedding reception last weekend.

It was Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler who noted in an article published on Wednesday that the mayor had uttered an absolute falsehood when she was questioned about her attendance sans-mask at the event. Browser was obviously criticized for not following the rules that she expects her constituents to adhere to when she told reporters last Tuesday:

“We all know what the rules say about sitting at a dining table and dining. Don’t be ridiculous. … They took a picture of me where dinner and drinks were served.”

So, the first issue is her clear bending of the rules, but it might be worth circling back to the part where she thinks reporters asking questions is “ridiculous.” But I digress.

Kessler then cited a conservative publication, The Washington Examiner and their commentary writer, Tiana Lowe, who had received a tip that Bowser would be attending the wedding and thought it prudent to look into the matter. Lowe reportedly “decided to check out how the new mandate would be enforced.”

Kessler wrote, “The wedding was held outside, on the rooftop, while the reception was held on the mezzanine inside the hotel. Lowe arrived during the reception, approximately 9:30 p.m. She told The Fact Checker she stayed for about a half-hour, observing the mayor sitting at one of the dining tables. During that entire period, she said, Bowser never put on her mask even though it appeared the meal was over. She saw servers clearing away plates. She said toasts were being made but Bowser was not drinking.”

Bowser’s office released a statement after Lowe published the story, which included a photo of Bowser not wearing a mask, saying that she acknowledged she “officiated an outdoor, rooftop wedding ceremony, followed by an indoor dinner.”

“The Mayor wore a mask indoors in compliance with the mandate, and the organizers and venue staff worked to create a safe environment for the staff and guests,” the statement added.

However, Kessler said, “The statement makes no effort to explain why Bowser was seen without a mask but simply asserts she wore one indoors in compliance with the mandate. The suggestion is that the photo only caught her during a moment when she was eating.”

While the mayor tried to push the even off as if it were just a matter of her eating and drinking, the reporter included a video where it can be seen that she was not imminently participating in either of those things and was still maskless while chatting with other attendees of the event.

Kessler called the event “an embarrassing moment for the mayor but went on to say that “she could have used this an object lesson — that she got caught up in the celebratory mood and failed to put her mask back on. After all, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But it’s important for political leaders to set an example — even when making an error,” he continued.

Kessler concluded his takedown of the liberal mayor saying, “Instead, she defended herself with partisan-laced spin and innuendo about ‘disinformation,’ making false accusations about the reporter who exposed her actions. She earns Four Pinocchios.