Democrats Prove They Don’t Know How Guns Work with New Ban

Why is it that the Democrats continue to push bans on guns when they don’t even understand how guns work?

If you’re good at shooting, it only takes one bullet to kill someone.

Several Democrats, including Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey and Representative Ted Deutch from Florida, want to push legislation that bans the sale and possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

What is that going to accomplish?

“High-capacity magazines aren’t used for sport or self-defense. They’re used in mass shootings b/c they maximize human casualties.” This was the tweet sent out by Deutch.

First of all, 10 rounds is hardly considered a high-capacity magazine. Clearly, Deutch has never stood at a shooting range to try to reload a magazine in order to continue with target practice.

Anyone going to a gun range for target practice will say that they go through a lot of rounds. It’s not uncommon to go through 100 rounds. With a magazine of less than 10, that means that they’re going to be standing at their station loading for more time than they’re shooting.

Many will go to target practice – and there are plenty of indoor and outdoor ranges to offer such things. It’s a hobby. It’s a sport. And, it’s a chance to improve aim in the event that someone does break into the home so that a person can defend themselves.

A ban on high-capacity magazines won’t cut down on mass murders. Why? People can use handguns with a capacity of five or six and kill one person for every bullet they have. An experienced person can have a second magazine and make the change in just mere seconds.

People who want to kill will kill – there’s already a ban on killing. It’s called murder, and it’s a felony.

The legislation is being introduced to coincide with the anniversary of the shooting that happened on the campus of Virginia Tech. A person killed 32 people using a handgun.

A Virginia Tech Review Panel already conducted a study to show that a ban on high-capacity magazines would have had a negligible impact. The shooter had a 15-round capacity magazine. Forcing him down to 10 wouldn’t have changed much.

The legislation that’s being proposed would ban buying and owning magazines of more than 10 rounds. That means that they would not only have to stop selling such magazines but come for the magazines that people already have. This means not only the magazines but also the guns that house them.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that there are over 71 million pistol magazines capable of holding 10+ rounds. Buyback programs are notoriously ineffective – and that means that the government would spend millions of dollars to buy back magazines. Studies have shown that it won’t make a difference, so why move forward?

All it takes is one shot to kill a human. Many say that there’s no reason to have high-capacity magazines for shooting because it only takes one shot to bag a buck. So, the same principle applies. One shot and a human is dead. Two shots and two humans are dead. Three and it’s mass murder.

People who have guns know how to shoot them. Second amendment rights allow a person to own guns so that they have a means of self-defense. Anyone who wants to properly defend themselves will go to a shooting range periodically in order to get in some target practice.

Magazine counts don’t really matter. It’s a matter of convenience. It’s easier to have 10 rounds than it is to have 5. Reloading when you only have a practice lane for an hour can be the difference between being able to practice with 50 shots versus 100.

If Democrats knew how guns worked, this ban wouldn’t have even been proposed. Perhaps Democrats should be taken to a shooting range to load, shoot, and reload guns before making ridiculous proposals.