Democrats Point to Trump Jr as GOP Points to Hunter

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In case you haven’t noticed, the investigation into Hunter Biden is heating up. Many Republicans are starting to ask questions about how involved Joe Biden has been in his son’s shady business deals. And, many are wondering just how much corruption is hiding on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

We all know that Hunter Biden is as guilty as they come. But the Democrats don’t want us to ever find out the truth. So, they’re doing what they do best – they’re playing the blame game.

If the GOP wants to attack Hunter Biden, the liberals will attack Trump Jr – Donald Trump’s son. It’s the ultimate tit-for-tat.

Donald Trump Jr. is now being accused of treason. In fact, the Democrats have gone so far as to demand that he be thrown into prison for his “crimes” – apparently the ones that led to the January 6 events that have been commonly referred to as an insurrection.

Trump Jr. is hardly guilty of treason – certainly no more so than the president that we currently have sitting in the White House (along with his adult son who may finally be over his phase of shoving Coke up his nose).

There’s a lot more evidence against Hunter Biden than there is against Trump Jr. The desperation in the air is thick – and the accusation of treason is proof of that.

The Democrats are furious over the “insurrection” that they’ve started to lose their minds. One liberal lawyer, Lin Wood, even made a prediction that former VP Mike Pence would be arrested for treason over the January 6 events AND executed by firing squad. Obviously, that didn’t happen – nor would it have.

The reason that the Democrats feel as though they have a case is because of a few texts that Trump Jr. sent to then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. He suggested throwing out election results of key swing states. One text obtained by CNN reads “It’s very simple. We have multiple paths. We control them all.” This text was sent on November 5 – two months before the riots happened.

That’s where the Democrats seem to be struggling. They can’t seem to connect the dots and show that anyone was responsible for the actual riots.

The election was contested from the very beginning. Some states are still struggling to actually prove that Biden won without any kind of interference. So, it would be natural for Trump Jr to call into question the integrity of the election results. However, that doesn’t mean that he instigated the riots at the Capitol on January 6.

The liberals hate that there were hundreds of Americans who were ready to stand by Trump. They felt as though Trump had been cheated out of a second term. And they couldn’t understand why Biden was capable of winning the race. After all, throughout the presidential primaries, liberals kept saying that they didn’t want “an old white guy” in office. They wanted diversity.

So, how did an old white guy win not only the presidential primaries but also the entire general election?

Nothing added up.

The Democrats don’t care if things add up or not. They have decided that if the GOP is going to attack one president’s son, they get to attack another president’s son. It’s the biggest form of tit-for-tat that we’ve ever seen – and it’s childish when you think about it.

According to Democrat Representative Ted Lieu (California), “This sure looks like an illegal conspiracy” as he refers to Trump Jr. Hmm. Does he feel that there’s an illegal conspiracy with Hunter Biden, too? Of course not. That’s because the Democrats operate under a double standard where they are always right, and any member of the GOP is a criminal guilty of treason.