Democrats Model Citizen Taken into Custody for Raping Four-Year-Olds

Lane V. Erickson/

The Democrat Party has made it evident that they favor the criminal over the victim. For several years they have pushed for the defunding of police across the country. And at one point, Joe Biden was contemplating a universal sweep of police reform aimed at reducing the effectiveness of police officers around the country.

During the pandemic days, Democratic leaders moved to released thousands of criminals being held in jails because they did not want to deal with the inmates getting sick. Instead of locking down the jails, they decided to let them out so they could prey upon the public.

Joe Biden has done his fair share of harm by allowing illegals to cross over into America. Border agents constantly report that the people they have apprehended are violent criminals who were once deported. But Biden’s open border policy is an invitation for them to return.

Liberals love crime and the people that commit acts of violence. Their protest groups often turn violent when challenged with opposing views. So, when one thinks of what a model citizen looks like in a Democratic-controlled area, Isaiah Metz comes to mind.

Metz is 22 years old and is finally in police custody in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This man has 115 charges filed against him in York County, Pennsylvania alone. Three of those charges are for raping a minor, and 99 are sexual abuse crimes. The Democrats model citizen has finally been apprehended by police and faces up to 1,000 years in prison should he be found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Liberals have no respect for authority as they feel that they are always in the right. Liberal protests that turn violent will have police units dispatched to disperse the crowds. But they often have to deal with violent attacks and willful abuse by the liberals violently protesting perceived injustices at the hands of law enforcement.

Metz is no exception to that rule. Upon his arrest, he made it a point to make funny faces and blow kisses at the cameras as he was taken to the police car. He thought his arrest was a joking matter. And his disrespect for authority was seen as he was taken from the car to the police station. He would spit on reporters and be known to flash them with a defiant grin as he passed by.

Metz’s actions are typical of Democrats that do not get their way. They might not spit on reporters and flash defiant looks at them as they pass by, but they are quick to fight back and say hurtful things when challenged.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her triad of progressive followers are perfect examples of nasty behavior and disrespect for authority. Whenever they are called out for things they say about others, they quickly deny, and blame shift the accusation. And when something is said about them, they demand justice and public execution of the perpetrator.

Metz was finally found after being reported that he was hiding in a shelter. The police got a warrant for his arrest and proceeded to look for the man. Metz would bite one officer and punch another before fleeing the shelter. The police used dogs to hunt down the wild man.

Metz is an animal that does not deserve to be free. Of all the people he hurt, the youngest are the most traumatized by him. In his miserable existence, Metz was babysitting a four-year-old while her twin was at the doctor. The little girl would complain of pain, and it was discovered that Metz raped her. His DNA was found all over the little girl.