Democrats Go Off the Deep End and Blame Trump for Pelosi’s Bad Hair Day

The shallow Democrats of California are showing their true colors once again as they point the finger at President Trump. It seems every time one of them gets into trouble that they immediately blame the president. This time the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, is blaming the criminal activity of Nancy Pelosi on the president.

Nancy Pelosi set up her hair appointment with a stylist, knowing full well that she should have worn a mask and should have waited until the salons are allowed to open. For her to blame anyone but herself is to live in an imaginary world. Pelosi deliberately had her assistant make her the appointment, hoping that she could get away with it.

London Breed makes no sense at all with what he stated about Pelosi fall. He noted that it was sad how it had “blown up in the way that it has.” And somewhere in his rant, he ended up blaming the president for COVID-19.

President Trump cannot be blamed for anything related to the virus. He has told these liberal run states to open their economies up, but they have refused. The fact that the shop owners are struggling has nothing to do with how the president has run the pandemic. But the Democrats’ failure is the reason why there are a lot of financial worries right now.

Wet-head Pelosi started the stunt by having her hair washed. And now everyone is wondering why she could not have done this herself. But as the queen of her world, she needs her salty subjects to do it for her.

Breed continued to speak lies by saying that “the fact that we basically have a dictator in charge of running this country, and we have our Speaker Nancy Pelosi working day and night to try and fight against the challenges we have with the White House.” Pelosi was not working day and night. She put a vote on hold so she could illegally get her hair washed.

Her greasy little figures needed out of the pressure to help work out a bill. As Breed says that Pelosi has been working all her career for the country, then why isn’t there more done to aid Americans. The state she represents is falling into chaos, and somehow, she still finds a way to blame others for their failures.

Breed will not incriminate his favorite woman as she clearly violated restrictions. Instead, he is playing down her actions and generalizing her actions. Instead, he is trying to quote high-level statements such as “From the beginning of this pandemic, San Francisco’s approach to health order enforcement has been education first – for everyone living in, working in, or visiting our City, regardless of who they are.”

It sounds like Pelosi needs the education of what to do in public. Breed thinks that she should be exempt from the law because of what she has done for California. But nowhere does he ever show the same favoritism for anyone else.

The salon owner has been in business for years. She has helped people look good for their special days, and she has paid her fair share of taxes. There is no reason for her to be treated any differently. Except that people like Breed and Newsom punish them by not allowing them to work and stay open.

Pelosi’s statement, “I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times, and that when they said were able to accommodate people one person at a time, and that we can set up that time, I trusted that. As it turns out, it was a setup, so I take responsibility for falling for a setup.”

It is quite clear that she ignored the laws and tried to pull a fast one on the people. Pelosi should have stayed in her basement like Joe Biden. But she believes that she is the queen bee and should be able to fly wherever she wants to go.

The liberals view Pelosi as their immortal hero. The shop owner stated that it was disturbing that such self-proclaimed icons are pulling stunts like Pelosi. It is clear that she is not all that she claims to be.