Democrats Do Insanity Scramble as Biden Tries to Answer Questions on His Cognitive Ability

Democrats all over the country gasped for air when Joe Biden tried to take his mask off and answer questions all on his own.

For a brief time, his cognitive ability seemed to come back, and he felt the power of the presidency welling up within. He felt he could answer questions from the media, but that all came to an end when his fearful, loving puppet masters pulled the power cord on his illustrious broadcast.

His liberal worker bees so protect Biden that queeny Biden cannot make a public appearance without them interfering. They cut his news feed when he went to answer questions, which only proves that they are hiding something about his mental ability. The Democrats pulled a fast on the American people and had to cheat to see it through.

Biden has not had his own press conference since taking office. The past 15 presidents did their first conference in the first month of their term. But Biden still is kept tucked away in the Oval basement to rot away while the liberals pray for his departure so someone else can take over.

The path to the White House has many twists and turns. But Kamala Harris would be next in line to the liberal throne. Nancy Pelosi follows her. Each one of these greedy women would love to see Biden out of the way so they can move up.

Biden is unaware that the real threat is not from the outside but rather from the inside. He was led to set up a fence around the Capitol Building because he was told that the Trump supporters were going to attack. But the real attackers are the ones hoping to take his spot as the president.

But for now, they will have to wait until his mental decline takes over and he goes absolutely bonkers. They will all have to go on protecting him from embarrassment. They are finding out how hard it is to care for someone that needs to be in a memory care unit and not sitting in the White House.

The nation would love to hear a State of the Union address, but he likes to play games, and his servants like to play and seek with him. It is the capture the flag moment with Biden. No one really knows where he will be propped up next or what he will be tele-prompted to say.

Biden leaked out that his speech would happen in January and then later in February. Jen Psaki comes along and mentions that it will happen sometime in the future at an unannounced time. She is really saying that no one has a clue, and if they can get away from doing it, they will love not to do it.

COVID-19 is the perfect cover for his cognitive decline. He was forced to address Democrats in the House by using the computer. His speech centered around the viral help that is backlogged in the House because of their greed. It was at the very end of his speech that he decided to go rogue.

Biden looked right at Nancy Pelosi and stated that “I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance. Whatever you want me to do.” That is when the people in the back of the room all jumped for the power cord, hoping to kill the news feed.

The fact that they killed the broadcast is proof that Biden is not the one running the country. There is someone else pulling his strings and doing what they want from a chair in the corner. Americans were robbed again of their choice of president. It is the first time in history that an elected president is being controlled by a hidden power source.

Once the power was cut, the Democrats were able to move Biden back to his rocking chair in the Oval Office.

The lunacy of the White House continues to raise eyebrows. Biden is such an embarrassment that they did not even want their own party to see how far gone he is mental.