Democrats Continue to Use COVID as an Excuse to Grab Power and Control People

Joe Biden and his insane band of outlaws love severe hijacking matters such as the pandemic for their political use. They use the tactic as a cover to grab power and force people to obey their insidious commands. Biden and his wolves have moved on to COVID variants as the means to hide their agenda. This time around, it is the Delta variant.

The variant that medical doctors claim to have found is pushing through the world’s population. The liberals have hijacked this new strain because they need to push the pandemic as far as possible. And the latest development with the variant is that the current vaccination does not work.

The Democrats are scared to death of losing power. Five of the criminals fled Texas because they did not want to lose power on a crucial vote that would keep elections fair and in the hands of the people. And knowing that they were going to lose, the babyish Democrats ran to Mother Pelosi to cry about the Republicans. And it was then that several of them caught the new virus.

The Democrats will never tell the truth about the virus. It will always be around because it is nothing more than a variant of the cold virus. But they can keep pushing the virus as long as people are not aware of the truth behind the spread of seasonal sicknesses.

The news of the new variant has caused a feeding frenzy among the Democrats. Their media slaves are commanded to spread the news and make it sound like the end of the world is coming. But their main goal is to take as much control as they can from the people, so they are helpless to stop the parade of the liberals terrorizing America.

Biden has started talking about lockdowns and pushing mask mandates again. They will never tell that the hospitals and medical doctors are not seeing people flooding the medical centers. The virus has mutated itself into a harmless cold virus that will keep changing with the seasons.

Counting the number of cases has become a favorite pastime for liberals. They may claim that a new virus strain is out and the vaccine does not work, but they say nothing about natural immunity.

America is immune to the virus as it stood a month ago. Over 65 percent of the people are vaccinated, and the rest have already had it. The Democrats need to stop spreading it around by flying to Washington in protest of voting for fairness. They just cannot let go of the fact that America is a nation run by the people. And all they are as politicians are elected servants.

People all around the world have been subjected to the irrational decisions of liberals grabbing power. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan tried to force a takeover when she grabbed for power. And she found out that there is a limit to what she is allowed to do. And with all of her lockdowns and restrictions, Michigan had the worst numbers for the longest time.

They will never tell that the children do not spread or catch the virus as quickly as adults do. But when Anthony Fauci takes the stage, he wants kids younger than three to wear his double mask facial shield. Adults don’t need them, so Fauci has to keep control by forcing toddlers to wear them.

The Democrats must be trying to colonize their planet by forcing people to buy and wear masks. For a Democrat to let go of power is like telling them to share their money. They cannot do it. They are so greedy and power-hungry that they cannot understand the concept of sharing.

The old man sitting in his rocker in the Oval Office is out of touch with the people. He is a puppet of the progressives pandering to him to get what they want most: power and money. The president will never lead the way he should because he has no spine and will not stand up to the nasty dictators telling him what to do.