Democratic Myth On the March as Violence Breaks Out in the West

The Democrats are living in celebration mode regarding their passing of the COVID-19 bill. It took over four years in the House to get anything done and several more months with Biden to accomplish even the one bill. Their slow take on life proves to be too much for old man Biden as he struggles to keep up.

And yet, while they continue to toast each other regarding a minor victory, the nation is spinning out of control with violence on the west coast. The sister groups of Black Lives Matter and Antifa got together and went after the Portland courthouse again.

The Democrats refuse to acknowledge the existence of Antifa, which leads people to believe that they are a liberal funded group hired by the dorky Democrats to keep the media off of their backs. Instead of condemning their actions, liberal politicians ignore and even praise them for making a mess of things.

And yet, when a few conservatives speak up and protest, the issue becomes world war three, and Pelosi and Schumer decide to cage themselves in with Biden to protect themselves. In that case, there has not been one issue at Biden’s fence. Biden only cares that he is safe while the rest of the country burns to the ground.

The so-called Capitol Building riots were nothing like what has been happening in Portland. Business owners continue to pick up the messes from the violent crowd, so many have been hurt because of the violence.

But the federal government looks the other way because the Democrats do not care. For them, as long as the violence stays in the west, they will not have to acknowledge its existence.

Biden calls Antifa an “idea” that does not exist. For something that does not exist, they certainly do a lot of damage. Merrick Garland told Antifa if they attack at night, then there would be a need for federal action to be taken. They just need to make sure that they are gone by the next day to avoid federal crimes.

The problem with this attack is that it was during the day. So, by Garland’s own admission, Antifa is now a terrorist organization. So far, there has been no retaliation or stance taken by Biden or his worthless administration.

The guards at the courthouse came under direct physical attack as a liquid was tossed on them. For all they knew, it could have been a flammable substance waiting to be ignited. The would-be assassins called on the guards to shoot them with the hopes of becoming the next martyr for their terrorist cause.

And just as they were about to break down the doors, agents showed up to stop them. The agents were not ordered there by the president since he was busy toasting the passing of a bill he knows nothing about. The federal agents were able to stop the crowd and drive them back to the shadows from where they crawled out from.

The reason for the attack was what one source stated “[T]o protest against something called Line 3. Which according to a piece last month from The Guardian is an upcoming pipeline proposal to transfer ‘nearly 1m barrels of tar sands a day from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin.’ A move that is facing pushback from activists over it being constructed through Native American lands, as well as concerns about the health of the water supply as a result.”

The crazy terrorists took to the streets in a city that has no connection with the reason as to why they were violent. The only reason they can riot is that the Democrats have already proven that they will do nothing to stop them. They are free to riot without fear of being arrested. They are not even being taken to jail for their violent behavior.

Joe Biden will never care because he selfishly has the National Guard sitting on his lap and a fence to protect him. But for the rest of the staff in Portland they will have to continue to fear for their lives because of Antifa that refuses to stop. But after all, the Democrats say they don’t exist, so it must be Donald Trump’s fault.