Democratic Favoritism Allows Minority to Establish Non-Permitted Monuments of Worship to Show off Gay Pride

The LGBTQ community thinks that they are unique and can live above the law. Their hateful movement took it upon itself to assert their most dangerous doctrine by installing a monument without going through the legal channels of obtaining a permit and approval from the ruling city officials. Their push to stand above the law and force others to accept their damaging way of life has made them arrogant and pushy.

Marsha P. Johnson is the demi-god that the LGBTQ community seeks to worship. They worship the ground that their so-called leader has walked. They took it upon themselves to tear down other legally set monuments and now demand that theirs be accepted without going through the correct channels.

LGBTQ adherents love the fact that they once again pushed their statue of their leader into position. The bust of Johnson is put in place of the riots that took place in 1969 when they first tried to force acceptance on people. For a group to force themselves on others is socialism at its finest.

Jesse Pallotta is the sculptor of the Johnson bust. Johnson stated that “At a time when we are taking down statues, I think it is just as important to collectively consider what is put up in public spaces, the process that is used to erect statues and reimagine the function of monumental work.”

Pallotta’s words are meaningless because of the lies that the movement tells. They want people to think that they are an oppressed group of people that needs rights that exceed what ordinary people have. Except they already have the same rights. But in their twisted minds, they think that they must force themselves onto others.

Marsha Johnson was nothing more than a drag queen that sought to damage the minds of young people. She is a person that believes that every person ought to accept her way of life whether they like it or not. Johnson founded the hateful group Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries in 1972. Her movement has so much damage to America that people are tired of the constant crying for rights.

Johnson was said to have mentioned that “History isn’t something you look back at and say it was inevitable, it happens because people make decisions that are sometimes very impulsive and of the moment, but those moments are cumulative realities.”

That statement is engraved in the illegal statue that they threw into the park. Those words make it seem like they have planned to force themselves onto people and into the pages of history. But with every movement such as their consequences will be recorded as well.

They think they may have gotten away with placing an illegal statute, but it will never be accepted as legitimate. Eventually, someone will come along and tear it down because it is not supposed to be in place without the proper paperwork being approved.

Mayor Bill de Blasio empowers this nasty group of sodomites by claiming that he will protect them from attacks. And yet, when the LGBTQ rioters attack and damage personal property, he stays silent and allows them to harm and even destroy things in their path.

Eli Erlick is another confused sodomite that stated, “The NYC Parks permitting system is a long, subjective process. Committees have historically used permitting to deny statues of people of color, women, and queer people, leaving the trans community without any representation.”

What he deems as a racist organization is just an office doing its job. Erlick’s movement is the group that has broken the law, and its leaders must be held accountable.

The country has been under attack by these violent terrorist groups for the past year. Over 183 monuments were destroyed and vandalized by LGBTQ groups around the country. And here they stand, asking for their monument to be accepted and left alone. As long as they act like spoiled brats, they will never be accepted and treated as a legitimate organization.

Joe Biden and his band of thugs have opened America up to attacks by hateful, racist groups seeking special treatment. No group has the right to violent treat people like criminals and get away with their actions. The leaders and city officials that embrace such behavior need to be held accountable for their actions.