Democracy Put to the Test after Supreme Court Scolds Boston for Censoring Christians

Alex Staroseltsev/

America is a nation that was founded on religious principles. The Founding Fathers knew that faith was an integral part of human life. And they wanted to have a form of government that would not interfere with the personal worship practices of the people. The concept of the separation of church and state was born. The government would not interfere in matters of religion, and religion would not rule the nation.

The Democrats hate Christianity and everything that it stands for. They think the teachings are dangerous and keep their liberal ideology from being widely accepted. And for years, they have worked at removing any trace of Christianity from the public’s eye because they do not want people to hear the truth.

The City of Boston had been attacking Christianity for years. They would never allow the Christian flag to be flown outside the City Hall building. Boston has three flag poles upon which the American flag, the state flag, and themed flags are flown.

The city allows organizations with flags to fly them during events on the third pole. But they would never allow the Christian flag to be flown. Dozens of other groups always had their applications approved. But when the Christian group applied for the pole, they were denied the right to exercise their freedom of speech.

Boston was ordered to start flying the flag. The issue would go before the Supreme Court, where all nine Justices would rule that the City of Boston was violating the group’s First Amendment right. The Court’s decision is a significant victory for people forced to stay quiet.

The Court’s decision has raised yet another issue: how many groups can fly their flag. Based on freedom of speech, any group should be allowed to fly their flag. And that is the reason why the Satanic Temple in Massachusetts applied to fly its flag for “Satanic Appreciation Week.”

The Satanists applied to fly their flag once the Court ruled in favor of Christianity. Boston has since suspended its application process from flying flags because of the Satanic Temple’s Request.

A spokesperson for the mayor stated that they were “carefully reviewing the Court’s decision and its recognition of city governments’ authority to operate similar programs. As we consider next steps, we will ensure that future City of Boston programs are aligned with this decision.”

The city officials are pausing to give them time to decide how they should proceed. The process of flying a flag was never an issue until Christianity got involved. The Democrats would love to let the Satanic Temple fly their flag, but they want to find a way around the Court’s ruling, so the Christian flag stays grounded.

CNN reported that “The push comes after the nation’s highest court unanimously ruled on Monday that Boston had violated the First Amendment rights of a group seeking to briefly raise a Christian flag atop a city flagpole outside of City Hall as a part of a city program celebrating Boston’s greater community.”

The hatred that Democrats have towards Christianity distorts their thinking. The religious organization wanted to raise the flag in honor of the city. It had no intentions of pushing a religious agenda or things that would have offended people. But the liberals saw that the group was a Christian group and decided to attack rather than let them exercise free speech.