Death and Destruction are Biden Highlights as He Tries to Keep Pace With Reality

Joe Biden lacks the ability to speak with authority and grace as his mind continues to spiral out of control. His speeches and question-and-answer times are put together by the people that are pulling his strings. And their mission is to use Biden to push a dangerous agenda on Americans. But that mission is only safe as long as they can keep his mind together long enough to lay the foundation of liberal poison.

Biden’s mental fight to keep up with reality took a nasty fall as he attempted to give a speech that was evidently put together by someone else. During his speech, the man’s mental outlook was horribly evident as it revealed that he is living in a past of his own design. And the paranoia reality that his overlords feed him is not helping.

It is evident that he is sick, and he is tired. As the old man slumped over the microphone and delivered a speech stuck in the past, he had to focus hard to identify the words his puppet masters wanted him to speak. It is a shame that the Democrats had to resort to exploiting Biden in this fashion. But is it even worse than Biden once believed everything he is living out today.

Biden’s masters want to continue their threats on the American people. They want to continue to threaten their existence by pushing the coronavirus till it dies from abuse. They also want to control the nation by having Biden threaten to lock everyone down for the rest of the year.

The threat coming from the Democrats is based on force. They are demanding that people fall in line or face the consequences. They have issued a threat and expect for everyone to fear and bow down in obedience. The only thing missing from his speech was exactly what those consequences would be for the people that did not obey. And there would hundreds of millions of them.

Biden wants people to lock themselves up in their homes for months. He never did say how long it would be. No force can effectively drown out the freedoms that people live by. He is issuing threats that he knows can never be backed up or enforced.

People are going to open their businesses, and they are going to take off their masks. When the state governors remove the paranoia pandemic-related restrictions, people are going to live free.

For Biden to demand that America take a step backward and relive March 2020 is another way he would love to erase Donald Trump. He wants the credit for the pandemic response and for the development of a vaccine. It drives him and his puppet masters crazy that Trump still reigns supreme in American thought.

During his speech, Biden made it sound as if people were lockdown in their homes. For nearly a year, millions have been back to normal and with no ill effect from the virus. The only reality he sees is the inner workings of the White House. And that is what he thinks the rest of the country is operating like.

But the reality is that people are back in restaurants and kids are in schools. And it had nothing to do with him setting restrictions or lifting them. People are smart enough to care for themselves and make decisions that are best for them.

Biden wants to force millions to stay at home until July 4. He is making demands of people that are not going to listen. The vaccine is out to nearly a third of the population, and it is working. And the majority of those without the vaccine has become immune. That means life has started for everyone once again. And to ask them to give that up is brutal and unkind.

The tragedy of what Biden was talking about is that these are not his thoughts. They are the sticking points of people that hate America and are too afraid to show their faces. They would rather hide behind a frail old man rather than take responsibility for the mistakes they are making.