De Blasio Idiotically Announces School Closures…Andrew Cuomo and CDC Dir. Redfield Agree It’s a Stupid Uninformed Move

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield is against closing schools. He’s urging schools throughout the country to remain open and not give in to the hype. Even amid the raging pandemic, Redfield believes schools are among the safest place for kids to be.

His comments were prompted when NY Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that schools throughout the city would once again be locking their doors. Mayor de Blasio said he is certain the city is heading towards an entire lock, stock, and barrel shut down, possibly in the coming days.

The Mayor has boasted about how well E-Learning worked last time and how he sees no problem with students sitting at home for a while longer. NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the only reason they are in this dilemma again is that it was de Blasio who too quickly opened schools after the first closure.

During a Pence led White House coronavirus briefing, Redfield said that de Blasio is not being realistic and that he is responding emotionally in lieu of using his head. Redfield made it abundantly clear how there is zero documented evidence to support the claim of school closures reducing the spread of the disease.

Mayor de Blasio made the announcement once the city’s infectious rate topped out at three-percent. Cuomo hit back at the Mayor for his apparent lack of research when he let him know how the school rate infection was only 0.19 percent. A figure the mayor should have been aware of but was clueless about.

When compared to adults, studies have proven how children are far less likely to contract or spread the disease. Dr. Redfield was quite clear when he relayed how any positive cases detected in schools, originated either at home or from somewhere else within the community. In his educationally warranted opinion, the chances of children spreading it to other kids in their class are minimal at very best.

“Last spring, we did not recommend that schools close, and we do not recommend it today,” said Redfield during the briefing. “In the spring we had limited data on whether schools are drivers of coronavirus transmission, today we have data to confirm that K-12 schools can operate face-to-face learning and can do so safely and responsibly.”

It’s odd how school districts across the country that were only mildly struck by the coronavirus in the Spring, are the same ones that aren’t paying a bit of attention to what the CDC is trying to tell them.

Boston schools quit face-to-face teaching in late October and never started back. Most counties in Maryland, every school in Philadelphia, and the entire state of Michigan are keeping schools on tight lockdown.

Fairfax, Virginia, has postponed plans to allow young children with disabilities to return to classrooms, and future closures are being eyed.

As coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpass 180,000 new cases in any given hour of any given day, and we’ve lost at the very least, and still counting, 250,000 lives, of those deaths, only 140 have been pediatric.

To put this in better perspective, over 1.6-million children in America have contracted COVID-19, according to CDC records. The overwhelming majority of children experience very mild systems, while many of them experience no symptoms at all. They have to be told they’re sick.

Early on when healthcare professionals were having to learn as things went, little was known compared to now. Initially, it was feared that children would become carriers who would spread the virus to every adult in their household.

This theory has proven incorrect. Because a child’s immune system is in better shape than an adult’s, they’re better equipped to fight off the disease, thereby reducing their viral load low enough so as not to present a danger to adults or even other children. That’s the science of it. Share this with a science spouting liberal.

“Data strongly supports that K-12 schools and, really, higher education are not where we really have problems,” said the good doctor to the panel. Perhaps he should give de Blasio a quick shout. One more thing. Please save this article in your forever file as a historical document. It’ll be the only time in the history of this publication you will ever see us agree with an ass like Andrew Cuomo.