DCC Chair Blames Facebook and Google for House Losses

It’s pretty evident at this point that the 2020 election didn’t really turn out as anyone expected. But that is particularly true for the Democrats of Congress. For weeks and even months prior to the election, leading and not-so leading Dems were adamant that this was going to be a hugely successful year for their party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, just hours before election results started coming in earnestly, touted that their party would do so well that they would not only keep their majority in the House but also grow it exponentially. She even suggested that they might be able to gain control of the Senate as well.

But as we know now, that’s not at all what happened.

Instead of strengthening their lead in the House, they actually lost it. No, that doesn’t mean they are no longer in control of the lower house. But that lead is nowhere close to what it used to be.

According to current results and RealClearPolitics, Dems have won 221 seats in the elections so far. That’s a loss of eight in the House. Republicans have won 209, a gain of nine.

And that’s just so far.

There are still five races stuck in limbo. And according to current predictions, only one or two will go to Democrats.

This means the House could sit with totals being 222-213 or 223-212!

Not exactly what the Dems had hoped for in the slightest.

And so now begins the process of figuring out just what went wrong. Why didn’t their party win as many seats as they thought they would? And whose fault is it that they didn’t?

Questions like these, while being asked of everyone right now, are especially crucial for the DCC or Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. To put it simply, this committee’s entire existence is predicated on the idea of being able to win House seats for the Dems.

So just what have they decided is the reason for such epic failure?

Well, according to DCC Chair and Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, as well as her Senate counterpart Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, the blame lies at the feet of Facebook and Google.

In a joint statement made by the two on Friday, “Facebook and Google have no excuses for continuing their reckless political ad ban policies. Their haphazard policies inhibit campaigns from providing Americans with accurate voter registration and election information. And that gets in the way of communities of color from fully participating in elections.”

Of course, it’s not just Facebook and Google that are to blame. If not for Republicans, there wouldn’t be an issue with the tech giants and their need to censor one side from spreading “disinformation.”

“The upcoming runoffs in Georgia expose the harmful effects that these ill-advised policies have on our democratic process as candidates are unable to share critical information about imminent deadlines to register voters and request an absentee ballot for the January 5th election. Political ad bans are a gift to Mitch McConnell and a Republican Party that have tried to suppress voter turnout, registration, and other policies that make it easier for Americans to cast their ballots.”

Basically, they wish the platforms were more like Twitter in that they are biased and offer censorship to only one party, and it’s not theirs.

Bustos and Cortez Masto added that it isn’t political ads that are the “problem, organic disinformation is, and right not it is running rampantly unchecked on platforms like Google and Facebook. The political ad ban is not solving that problem and has instead created a different one that these companies have an obligation and responsibility to correct.”

However, taking even a small peek at what Facebook and Google have flagged or removed in recent days and months will tell you that the DCC’s statement isn’t exactly accurate. Mainstream media, which is clearly biased toward the left, can publish just about any story they want, and Facebook will allow it. Give that same story to a conservative outlet, though, and just like Twitter, it gets deleted and/or the user gets suspended.

And who do you think suppressed the sins of their precious Joe Biden and his son? Who do you believe deleted post after post about Biden’s dementia riddled mind?

As is typical, this is nothing more than the political left once again trying to blame someone else for their own problems. Maybe if they had not swung so far to the left and backed socialism, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

But they are, and now they have to live there.