Cuomo Needed One More Accuser so He Flirts With Reporter to Make It Happen

Andrew Cuomo is an example of political zombie walking. He cannot even see that he is dead in the water because he continues to act like there is nothing wrong. He walks through his proverbial kingdom, demanding that people do what he says without question. And that includes allowing him to speak and touch people any way that he wants to.

The grump governor has seven women coming after him with a vengeance because of how he touched them and spoke to them in the past. He even gave the impression that he would do things to them if they spoke up. Common sense would dictate that he needed to withdraw and avoid any more issues that could potentially land him in further hot water.

But he decided that it would best for him to reach and speak to a reporter like she was his own wife. He went on to flirt with a female reporter by calling her “darling” in front of the world.

Cuomo is facing a federal investigation for his role in the death of thousands of elderly patients. Most self-respecting people would have stepped down after that kind of exposure. But now, he is also facing seven counts of sexual misconduct and other issues related to the way he spoke to these women and how he placed his hands on them in a place that should have been off-limits to him.

His attitude is still one of defiance as he refuses to resign. He has Democrats calling for him to leave, and all he can do is give them the finger and continue to cat-call women.

As Cuomo was living a function in New York, he noticed and woman and decided to look twice. The woman said a few things, and he would call her “darling” and then would say, “Nah, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t you trouble your sweet little heart with such nonsense — you hear me? I got this! We’re good, darling, let not your heart be troubled, my dear.”

It was as if he was telling her that she knew where to find him after the sun went down. Mrs. Cuomo should have her shoe in hand, waiting for the cheat to come home.

This woman yelled at the governor and stated, “I love you and you better stay where you are, we’ve got your back.” This is one of those moments that any other man would have ignored the comment. But not Cuomo. He is so stuck on himself that another woman is looking at him. And he gets all excited as his temperature goes up.

The two issues that Cuomo is facing are enough to put him in bars until the next century. But that does not seem to faze him. He just keeps right on attacking women with his mouth and secretly hoping that one of them, like this reporter, would be willing to let him test out his hands on her.

Between sexual misconduct and 15,000 elderly deaths to account for Cuomo should already be gone. No person in their right mind would ever want to work with him or let him come near them based on what the evil man is capable of doing to them.

Cuomo is more concerned about his public image than he is about doing the right thing. He lied about his connection to the nursing home scandal because it would tarnish his record and keep him from ever being president.

He threatened people with their jobs if they told of how he touched the women. He even blindly believes that somehow he is going to come out of this mess unscathed. He continues to hold office because he thinks he somehow has a chance of becoming the next Biden.

The part that Cuomo refuses to acknowledge is that the victim always comes out as the victor. And when there are seven of them standing together, it is next to impossible to escape the coming fire.

The sick governor just cannot let go of his fake reality and embrace the truth that he is heading to prison for the sexual misconduct charges and the thousands of souls he let die because he was more concerned about his political career than doing the right thing.