Cuomo: Come, Play Ball Amidst the Riots

New York has to be one of the biggest clustermucks in the country right now. Sure, the Covid-19 numbers are down – but that’s after they had the highest numbers, to begin with. It’s easy to see lower numbers when there’s nowhere to go but down. However, the Dems have allowed riots to consume New York City.

Governor Cuomo still thinks he’s got the best state around, though. I guess he isn’t really focused on the police brutality or the murders.

So, Cuomo being his generous self has offered every team in the MLB a temporary home within the state of New York. “New York state could host any Major League Baseball game that any teams want to play and they could play those games in our stadiums,” he announced at a briefing.

Although the Major League Baseball season started last week, there have been more than a few road blacks, including dozens of players with the Miami Marlins testing positive after a trip to Philadelphia.

Cuomo thinks that having one of the lowest infection rates in the U.S. is enough to get people to visit. All the while, other parts of New York and the surrounding area are issuing travel advisories due to the violence happening in New York City.

The real truth comes out for the governor’s generosity, though. He says that it would be “good for the economy, I think it would be good for the psyche, I think it would be good for the nation’s soul.”

Good for who’s economy? Oh, New York, of course. The tax-me state is taking a hit since no one is watching shows on Broadway or dining in Times Square. He’s feeling the hit and wants to make up for it by raking baseball fans over the coals.

It’s nice to know that Cuomo feels as though he’s got a plan, though. “We could set up a protocol where you get on a private plane in a high-risk state, you land in New York, you are transported directly from a plane to a quarantine hotel,” Cuomo said. “You are in the quarantine hotel and tested in the quarantine hotel. If you are negative, you play ball.”

Cool, private planes aren’t expensive or anything. Most of the time, they’re using buses to get from stadium to stadium.

So, now, they can use the stadiums used by the Yankees or Mets. Or, they can head into Buffalo to use Sahlen Field. Then, there are over a dozen other stadiums throughout the state, many used by Triple A-level teams.

They can work on their speed as they race through the riots on the way into the stadium. While the game is going on, they can dodge bullets as they slide into home base.

And what about the fans? Are the fans supposed to be okay with the team abandoning their hometown? The stadiums will be empty regardless, but no one wants to find out that their favorite MLB team is now playing in a rival state’s stadium.

But wait, Cuomo has an answer for that, too. “There’s no fans anyways, it’s just about the coverage, and New York is the media capital.” Well, that’s certainly a way to rub some salt into the wound, so thanks for that, Cuomo.

Apparently, the governor is hoping to get at least a few of the ball teams to take him up on his offer. He’s getting desperate since the spotlight has been on New York for quite some time – and not for anything positive.

Cuomo has let his state down. He’s had thousands of nursing home deaths pinned on him for a bad call. And, he should have fired Mayor De Blasio of New York City months ago.

New York may be the media capital, but it’s also the riot capital. The Covid-19 cases may not be high now, but he’s clearly not realizing that he could be inviting another spike into the state by inviting players from high-risk states. Way to go, Cuomo. You’re thinking of your own pockets, yet again.