Cruz Jumps in as Fauci Drops Truth Bomb

Andrew Cline/
Andrew Cline/

Dr. Fauci isn’t one to drop truth bombs. Usually, he’s spouting off whatever he can think of to get people to live in fear. His fear-mongering knows no bounds, either. He’ll prey on anyone and everyone.

This time, though, it appears that Dr. Fauci has decided to be honest. He has started to talk of how kids are often admitted into hospitals with one issue only to be tested and identified as COVID positive while they’re there. Many kids are asymptomatic, so COVID isn’t why they’re at the hospital. Yet, they’re listed as hospitalized as COVID once there.

You see how that’s a problem, right?

Dr. Fauci seems to be suddenly coming to this revelation…and meanwhile, Americans all over the country are not surprised. Why? This same issue is happening with adults.

People go into the hospital for a health concern and are testing positive with COVID, too. So, instead of being listed as being hospitalized over what they showed up to the hospital for, they’re being identified as being hospitalized for COVID. It’s entirely inaccurate, and it makes COVID look a lot worse than it is.

Since Dr. Fauci decided to drop these truth bombs recently, Senator Ted Cruz decided that he’d jump in to have some fun – and to point out some important things along the way.

Fauci had this to say: “If you look at the children that are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID, as opposed to because of COVID…if a child goes into the hospital, they automatically get tested for COVID & they get counted as a COVID hospitalized individual.”

While we appreciate the honesty, the real question is how things are going to change now that we have this admission. It’s clear that COVID isn’t as dangerous as we were led to believe, especially for children.

Ted Cruz has decided to ask the question that many of us have had… “Is this because pandemic politics have changed for the Biden admin?”

After all, the timing is just too perfect, especially since it is being said days after Biden has admitted that there is no “federal solution” to COVID-19.

Let’s not forget that Biden promised a federal solution when he was running for office. He insisted that he could manage the pandemic better than Trump.

The Democrats have realized that they’re losing votes left and right. You can look at just about any liberal-run city to find that there are problems – particularly having to do with COVID and the various mandates. People want their freedom more than they want to vote for a particular political party. And so, the Dems have to change up their political scenario regarding the pandemic…and fast.

One person on Twitter, Justin Hart, commented to Fauci’s admission that “I can remember people getting kicked off of Twitter for saying this.” And it’s true. How many times did people get kicked off for pointing out basic statistics because it went against the liberal agenda?

We have to wonder what is next. Biden has placed the management of the COVID pandemic into the hands of the states. And Fauci has finally determined that there’s a difference between being hospitalized WITH COVID and OF COVID.

Is it possible that we’ll start seeing more truth being released from Fauci, the CDC, and the rest of the Biden administration? Will 2022 mark the end of all of the mandates so that we can put the COVID pandemic behind us and begin living our lives?

Let’s hope so. For now, we can at least rest easy knowing that Cruz and other members of the GOP are demanding the truth.