Crenshaw’s Changing the Way to Reach Young Voters

It’s time that the Republicans get smarter. We have to reach a younger audience since they are the future voters in America. Many have always taken the same approach – spend a significant amount of money to fly all over in order to interact with crowds.

Dan Crenshaw, the GOP Representative out of Texas, is changing his tactic – and it’s paying off in a big way.

Crenshaw decided that he was going to host an event where people would pay to listen to him speak – and it worked.

Last week, the Representative hosted a conservative youth confab in Houston. He held a video call with a right-wing professor by the name of Jordan Peterson. He spoke about the future of the country. And, he took questions from those in their teens and 20s.

Hundreds filled the conference room, many pushing their seats up as close to the stage as possible to hang on Crenshaw’s every word.

Over the course of the two days, there were over 2,000 young people who gathered to hear from conservative media luminaries. In addition to Crenshaw being in attendance, they were able to hear from Benny Johnson and Ben Shapiro.

Political veterans have chosen to celebrate Crenshaw because he’s taking an innovative approach to campaigning. He’s not spending money on rallies, TV ads, or town halls. Instead, as Politico said, he “plopped himself in one spot, got free media coverage, and had supporters come and pay to see him.”

It’s genius when you think about it – and many other politicians are likely to follow suit.

The liberal media has actually driven us to this tactic. We cannot believe anything that is published online or printed in a paper. The progressive journalists have a tendency to spin everything to fit their hidden agendas.

By Crenshaw taking this unique approach, he’s able to speak directly to young voters. They can ask questions and he can answer them openly and honestly.

A former GOP digital consultant, Alex Skatell, said, “Instead of using his brand to elevate other youth groups around the country he can sort of capture that enthusiasm.”

The Crenshaw Youth Summit will only elevate the Republican as he had an audience of young conservative activists who wanted to do nothing more than to spend their money and their time listening to a politician. They’re dedicated to the future. And, everything that Crenshaw spoke about will resonate with them – and they’ll share that knowledge with friends, family, and those within their youth activist groups.

Crenshaw has already made a name for himself. He’s got the reputation for calling liberals out on their bills – and doing so in an aggressive way. While he says that he’s content with being a congressman, for now, he’s not ruling out a higher position down the road.

If Crenshaw continues to hold summits like the one he did in Houston, the sky is the limit. He’s teaching young activists what it means to be conservative. More importantly, his message isn’t being muddled by the liberal news. The activists can hear the truth so that it can be spread far and wide.

The Representative made it clear. Everyone who attended is excited and wants to be engaged. However, they have to know what they stand for. “I put together the Youth Summit so that the younger generation may have a better understanding of what it means to be a conservative.”

By knowing what it means to be conservative at a young age, Crenshaw is arming the next generation to avoid falling into the trap of socialism.