COVID-19 Is Rapidly Destroying Iran as Extreme U.S. Sanctions Continue Digging Their Final Grave

Iran has a habit of barking much louder than their toothless bite. But these days their obnoxious howl has been reduced to that of a whimpering pup. And their fictional lord and savior, Allah, hasn’t descended from the heavens to save the day. They’ve been forsaken in their most desperate time of need, and like a bully at long last getting what they deserve, nobody gives a hoot, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Iran officials consistently downplayed COVID-19 as a hoax perpetrated on the Muslim world by the great and evil Satan. Their split-tongue devil is representative of every single ‘gonna burn in hell’ non-Muslim country, inclusive of the mightiest demon of them all, the good old U.S. of A. See ya’ there.

The absolute worst coronavirus surge Iran has seen is blowing through homes, mosques, and littered sidewalks with deadly aim and purpose, and its citizens are dropping like flies inhaling insect repellent. To entice citizens to stay home, images of gasping patients are flashed across TV screens nightly. But it isn’t working.

In Tehran, buses and subways are packed to capacity daily as workers, left with no other option, rush to and from their jobs. The government has enacted partial lockdowns but for all intents and purposes, they are being widely ignored.

Mostafa Shahni, a 34-year-old with a family to feed, expressed his frustration. “I cannot stop working. If I do, I can’t bring home bread for my wife and two kids,” he said. His stimulus check must have gotten lost in the mail. And they say we’re Satan…

Iran’s last COVID-19 surge landed roughly 20,000 people in hospital beds. This time around they have already hospitalized 40,000 and the health ministry said it’s far from being over. Within the next couple of weeks, the figure could rise to 60,000 or greater. This not only ranks Iran as the hardest-hit nation in the Middle East, but they’re well on their way to clinching the world title.

Orderlies at Shohadaye Tajrish Hospital in Tehran were witnessed pushing two expired bodies across a parking lot to an adjacent morgue. Having to ignore heart attack victims, surgical emergencies, and any other ailment that might be tormenting a person, all five of the facilities floors are at full capacity with coronavirus patients.

Waves of black-clothed mourners line row after row of newly dug graves marked only with cinder-blocks as the diggers keep digging and the undertakers keep half-heartedly plopping in still warm to the touch bodies. The graveyard has become so massive that officials have ordered a new morgue be built on-site to process the 350 and rapidly rising number of dead they’re burying daily.

At Imam Khomeini Hospital complex in Tehran, the only facility in town where the poor can be treated at no cost, people are being turned away. All 1,300 beds are full. “Take a number. We’ll get to you when the next one dies. Would you like clean sheets?”

Manijeh Taheri takes her mother to the free hospital for her regular and much-needed thyroid treatments. “They say the wards are full of corona patients,” she said. “I have no idea where to take her when such a huge complex has no place for my mother.”

Due in large part to excruciatingly painful U.S. sanctions, Iran’s 84 million citizens are having a rough enough financial time without a pandemic lending a helping hand. For many, it’s a daily struggle to keep food on the table. And since the government is offering no assistance, they have no choice but to continue working and mingling with the public.

There is also uncertainty as to when and if Iran will ever a vaccine. The entire Islamic Republic is still on the waiting list. And since it is all but impossible to practice social distancing, nobody does. That’s a luxury they can’t afford to partake of.

Iran’s health officials are correct by forecasting that the worst is yet to come, and with their governments’ already huge financial woes, all they can do is sit back and watch their country crumble. And all we can say is goodbye to bad rubbish. You did this to yourselves.

Should we be humanitarian and lift the sanctions to help Iran get through this crisis? Or, should we view them the same way they view us and rid the world of this vermin once and for all?