Cotton Takes on Biden’s Plans for Males in Female Jails


If the Biden Administration and political left get their way, law enforcement will be forever changed, and not for the better. It comes in the form of yet another proposed executive order, recently obtained by The Federalist.

The outlet noted that while most of the order focuses on new regulations and training for law enforcement, it also suggests some changes for the Bureau of Prison Transgender Offender Manual.

Among the changes, and found on page 15 of the draft, the attorney general has been instructed to consider “designat(ing) individuals to (federal) facilities in accordance with their gender identity.” This means that if a biologically male prisoner decides to identify as a woman, they can choose to be placed in a female prison with female inmates. The opposite circumstances would also be allowed.

However, at least one conservative senator, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, is determined to nip this in the bud before it becomes anything more than a draft.

According to a recent news release on the matter, Cotton says that the proposal would do nothing but put more inmates at risk of sexual assault. The more obvious concern is for that of biologically female inmates. If biological males, even those identifying as female, are allowed to share quarters and bathrooms with females, the risk of such assaults increases dramatically.

Cotton wishes to avoid those instances at all costs if it can be.

And so he’s proposing a bill of his own.

Senate Bill 3481 seeks to have “specific housing units for transgender inmates based on security, medical, or programming needs” set up. In this way, those of the opposite sex, whether they identify similarly or not, are not being housed together.

Now, you will note that the bill is not at all anti-transgender, as some might assume a bill by conservative congressional members would be. Instead, it actually gives transgenders their own space and privileges. It just also happens to protect those that could be preyed upon under the right circumstances.

In addition, it would also provide protection for transgenders themselves, as biological males identifying as females in male prisons have been known to become the target of sexual assault in a growing number of cases.

Ashley Diamond, for instance, was assigned to a male prison because of his biological gender in Georgia. But, because he identifies as a woman, he was allegedly assaulted some 14 times during his stay there, as well as denied hormone therapy because of prison policy.

Naturally, Diamond sued the Georgia Department of Corrections for such. And the Department of Justice agrees with his suit, finding it unfair for him to be treated as such just because he thinks he should have been born a woman.

The solution for those on the political left is to say that these transgender women should then be allowed access to female facilities where men won’t assault them. But as several cases have proved, that’s not necessarily the best idea.

This happened in Washington State last year, when a male serial killer named Douglas Perry changed his name to Donna Perry, claiming that he now identifies as a woman. He then asked to be transferred to a women’s facility in the state, as he no longer felt safe.

But as several anonymous women inmates in the women’s facility have reported, just because someone identifies as a female doesn’t mean that sexual assault of another female won’t happen. According to the National Review, numerous reports about women being assaulted by a supposedly transgender inmate have come through.

And yet, Biden’s Admin and the DOJ don’t seem to see the same threat here.

So what makes one case seem legitimate to the DOJ and the other not?

Well, apparently, the DOJ, under Biden’s control, only seems to care about the plight of the left-leaning transgender. Never mind that hundreds of mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, etc., could be assaulted should men be allowed in female prisons.

Luckily, Senator Cotton sees the reason of both sides and is willing to fight for protection all around. Let’s hope that reason wins the day.