Communist Fauci Reveals How Far Spent He Has Become in His Delusional State

By Ufuk Aydin

Joe Biden has lost control of everything. He is not the leader that the Democratic Party portrayed him to be, and he is the face of the enemy. Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know that they cannot trust the man. So, they have been reluctant to produce bills that would enhance life in America. Instead, they are determined to hurt Americans by overspending as much as they can get away with.

And now it seems that Biden’s right-hand man Anthony Fauci has found a new way to stiff the American people and make life miserable for them. The tiny doctor took to the airways to tell Americans that they would not be able to get together for Christmas because of the coronavirus, and he acted like people were still listening to him.

His constant lying has turned people off to the things that he is saying. And people are going to gather for Christmas whether the greedy doctor says it acceptable to do so or not. After all, he is responsible for illegally funding the research that led to the virus being developed and then released on the world. It is time for the man to spend the rest of his Christmas’ in prison.

Not only did he throw Christmas under the proverbial bus, but he claimed again that “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

No one in their right mind will allow the man to dictate what they can do for themselves. Only the severely brainwashed liberals will devoutly lock themselves in their bedrooms until the Christmas season is over. The rest of the free world will spend time with family and friends because they know that Fauci is lying to them and trying to power grab everything that he can get his hands on.

Anthony Fauci is no longer an American. He is a communist working behind the scenes for Joe Biden to turn America into a socialist’s nightmare. The government does not have the right to tell the people what to do with their lives under the Constitution. The people are the ones that have the right to tell the federal government what to do. That means that Joe Biden must do the will of the people. But he seems to have forgotten that point.

Fauci is poisoned with political lust, and he has bought into the liberal’s idea of what freedom looks like. Fauci also came out and stated that “So that’s the one thing I want to make sure that our viewers realize that we’ve done well in the sense of getting 55% of the population fully vaccinated and 64% with at least one dose.”

The percentages of people vaccinated have read the initial milestones that were needed to return everything to normal. But that is not going to happen because it would mean that Biden must give up his pandemic powers. And what is interesting is that the CDC is now claiming that 70 percent of all Americans have at least the first shot flowing through their blood. This means the rest of the people are naturally immune because they have already had the virus.

But for Fauci and Biden, that number is not good enough. They do not want to give up their newfound power over people.

Margaret Brennen interviewed Fauci. She pointed out that “The president announced nearly a month ago that businesses need to mandate vaccines for their employees or submit them to weekly testing. We looked; it’s been a month. None of this paperwork has been filed with OSHA to make that happen. Was this a stunt or are you seeing companies follow through even without the legal mandate filed?” Even the liberal media is calling their bluffs.

Brennan was pressing that Biden was going to enforce the mandate, but so far, he has not even as much as raised a finger to implement his illegal plan. Fauci is being used to create fear, and no one is buying into his lies this time around. People will celebrate Christmas together while Fauci and Biden stay locked away, avoiding the public like they always do.