Communist China Celebrates Prosperity While Ughyar Muslims Rot in Captivity and Commoners Suffer

With enough of the proper input anyone can be robotically programmed to do as they are instructed, no questions asked. Adolph Hitler pulled it off, as did Jim Jones. To do so requires an extreme amount of finely tuned narcissistic behavior coupled with the DNA of a highly successful used car salesman.

Wide-scale manipulation is a difficult and unachievable task for most individuals. But when an entire ruling government employs similar tactics, it’s easy-peasy. Welcome to Communist China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is proud of itself. They’ve achieved what very few governments could even contemplate doing, and they’ve sustained their power. Over time, the party’s influence has been so finely ingrained in the hearts and minds of its citizens that they are ignorantly accustomed to the oppression the majority of them have no idea they’re living under.

The CCP controls all television and radio airwaves as well as their own national internet. As opposed to government officials, citizens can only view particular internal websites which include several highly monitored social media platforms.

So what do you do when your 100th anniversary of squashing hopes and dreams arrives? What else? You throw a gigantic bash in your own honor and you invite the masses by sending out “come celebrate with us or else” cards.

And what better place to host a portion of it than at Tiananmen Square where radical young students often get taught valuable lessons for openly defying communism. They’re younger and wiser than previous generations and many of them have learned how to break through the invisible curtain to the world formerly beyond their reach. But not to worry, they see the red light clearly once they’re caught.

As part of the celebration, President Xi Jinping created a spectacle by awarding medals to party officials for their loyalty. “All party comrades should take their faith in Marxism and the socialism with Chinese characteristics as their life’s purposes,” he proudly said.

The bulk of the wildly elaborate celebration took place at Beijing’s Olympic stadium where the emphasis was placed on China’s economic and political progress, neither of which has been of any benefit to Chinese commoners. The government, in certain cases, has allowed private businesses to open, but good luck to them. State-run companies continue to receive preferential silver platters.

In his nine-year span as President, Xi has become even more powerful than the founder of the People’s Republic, the revered Mao Zedong who gained power in 1949 following a bloody civil war that ousted Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist party.

Amid the hoopla and the delighted squealing audience, a small detail of vast importance was conveniently overlooked. The CCPs membership of an overwhelming 92 million ardent followers, while a significant turd-ton full of people, only represents 6% of China’s 1.4 billion population.

The 92 million converts consist largely of government officials, leaders of state-run industries, and countless others who rely on government money and favoritism to remain wealthy. The commies have seized on their ill-gotten numbers by claiming them as a display of social cohesion. Everyone in China is happy as opposed to in the U.S. where partisan divides are ripping the country apart.

The party also placed heavy emphasis on how racial inequality is strictly a Western thing. They’ve gone as far as to blast this point over their state-controlled media in their continued efforts to demean the U.S. At the same time, China has failed to acknowledge the over 1 million Uyghur Muslims being raped, tortured, killed, and forced to work grueling hours in horrid conditions, being held in their captivity. Enough said.

Xi said it’s up to party members to lead the charge. He referenced China’s “great rejuvenation” which is meant to propel them to the power and influence they held centuries ago. They wish for their culture to spread as they regain their foothold as the world’s mightiest military powerhouse.

But when Xi referenced centuries ago he wasn’t just talking about one or two. “On the new march to a fully established modern socialist nation, keep moving toward the goals of the second century,” he said. That’s 11 centuries prior to Ghengis Khan.

Still, what the CCP has been able to achieve with its 6% support is both impressive and frightening. But we must always remain cognizant of if and when a major war were to develop between the U.S. and China, without the support of the other 94%, they’ll be fighting a losing battle. Yeah, the U.S. might be partisan, but it’s only because we have the choice to be. So…take that Mr. Xi.