CIA Director Meets With Taliban Founder He Helped Throw in Pakistani Prison for 10 Years…Don’t Expect Much

Since Biden’s handlers won’t allow him to do it they sent CIA director William Burns to Kabul to try wagging his tongue with the Taliban. U.S. military troop leaders in the area have put forth their best efforts to keep the peace but with limited negotiating power they’ve run out of ammo. This comes amid growing reports of accelerated violence and further abuses against Afghan civilians.

The literally thousands of pro-American Afghans who risked their lives to help, and in many cases save, America’s freedom fighters, now fear they and their families will soon pay the ultimate sacrifice for their indiscretions. Taliban fighters are walking through neighborhoods calling out the names of the ones they know about or even remotely suspect of siding with the big Satan called America. No trial. Off with the head.

Considering how the CIA had a target on Taliban founder, Abdul Ghani Baradar, for 10 years, Burns might not have been the best choice for the job. In 2010 the CIA and Pakistani forces teamed up on Baradar and eventually tracked him down. Baradar spent eight fairly lousy years in a Pakistani prison before he was used as a bargaining chip in 2018 and released. Being the type to hold grudges, he still has one. So does the rest of his crew.

Preferring to keep the meeting on the secretive side it was only discovered when a U.S. official who is not authorized to address the public confirmed it on the promise of anonymity. A spokesperson for the Taliban answered the question in a circular fashion by saying he didn’t know about any such meeting but at the same time he couldn’t deny it. Thanks, dude.

In light of the Taliban’s promise to restore peace and tranquility, Afghan civilians are using the fool me once analogy. They’re watching what’s happening in the streets and know it’s a lie. U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has it from reliable sources that street executions are taking place, and in some areas, women have already been stripped of all of their rights and freedoms.

As Burns is busy wasting time and accomplishing nothing, thereby allowing further death and bloodshed to continue, the G7 is getting pissed at Biden. They’re huddling up, minus him, to discuss the matter in detail. The group of world leaders hopes to convince Biden to either get off the stick and get who needs to be gotten out of there, or, beef up troop strength until he figures out what the hell he’s doing.

Due to a severe lack of leadership, the Biden administration remains wishy-washy as they continue to fall under intense criticism. They shrug their shoulders at the question of whether existing troops will stay longer than anticipated, or if more troops might even be required.

The Taliban drew a “red line” on August 31 as being the final date of them pretending to be playing nice. If American troops choose to stay on after that it’s on them. Biden can personally call the loved ones of the soldiers they’ll never see again. Actually, they said overstaying their welcome would “provoke a reaction.” Same-o, Same-o.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid made it clear how the Taliban would seize the airport on Aug 31 so tough luck to those left behind. They will accept “no extensions,” he said. After that date, there will be no need for anyone to plan anything. The Taliban will call every single shot, and they will fire every shot at the first sign of defiance from anyone, anywhere.

At this late stage in the game the only thing that can be done to prevent either another 20-year blowout or the death of thousands of Afghans who don’t deserve to die, is nothing. One of two is going to happen and it can all be attributed to one hard-of-hearing bull-headed old geezer who believes he knows better than the rest of the world.

If you know who that is raise your hand. You just did, didn’t ya’?