Chris Wallace Flails on Live Television Trying to Call out Trump Admin Official Who Won’t Refer to Biden as ‘President-Elect’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace called out  Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar Sunday when he declined to call former Vice President Joe Biden the “president-elect.”

The Trump administration official was speaking to Wallace about President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic when the contentious anchor continually cut Azar off to prompt him to call the Democrat candidate the soon-to-be president. This is a step that many in the Trump administration and the president’s voter base have shied away from, due to the ongoing questions about the validity of the presidential election.

Azar’s made his apparently inflammatory comment about Biden referencing him as “former Vice President Biden” after Wallace asked if America would “be in much better shape” had the current president embraced face masks in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic “like Joe Biden is right now.”

“I welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April, the president’s guidelines for re-opening have called for masks—” Azar replied. His comment was cut short, however, by Wallace.

“He’s the president-elect, sir,” Wallace said curtly, referencing Biden. “He’s the president-elect.”

Wallace’s comments, while socially accepted by many, are not legally accurate, considering that the electoral votes have yet to be cast. Even Wallace’s own network, along with other mainstream media outlets call candidates the “projected winner” when “calling” an election for a particular candidate.

Azar, who is clearly part of the Trump administration and could therefore be assumed to back the president’s opinion that the election has yet to be decided, continued with the interview and kept to the topic, without bending to Wallace’s will. He cited Trump’s response to the pandemic where he encouraged Americans to wear face masks as a means of protecting themselves from COVID-19.

However, Wallace couldn’t seem to let it go and again pushed for Azar to call Biden the president-elect as soon as the Trump admin official finished talking.

“But first of all, it’s the President-Elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar,” Wallace shot back.

“And secondly, the fact is the president said on the first day, April 30, that he wasn’t going to wear a mask. He didn’t wear a mask in public for three months until July. And just last night at that rally in Georgia, not only didn’t he wear a mask — but I was watching the rally — thousands of people packed together, none of which I could see were wearing a mask. That is a direct violation of what the CDC and what you are recommending,” the Fox News anchor continued.

Wallace’s bias became a matter of public discourse after he moderated a presidential debate during which he seemed to be the one that was taking Trump to task about various topics where Biden seemed to be less aggressive than the moderator.

To make matters worse for the president and his officials, Wallace’s very network seems to be bending the knee to liberals when they made what appeared to be massively biased calls for Democrats, including Biden, during their election night coverage.

Those calls have come deeply into question after Fox News called Arizona for Biden while voters were still standing in line to cast their ballots. Arizona’s Gov. Doug Ducey even spoke out against the early call, saying that voters needed the chance to weigh in before the state was called.

In addition to the incredible demoralization likely felt by his constituents who were still standing in line to cast a ballot when they heard the largest cable news network in the nation say that their votes literally didn’t matter, the state was already decided for Biden, there’s the pesky matter of numbers. Fox News had the audacity to call the state in favor of a candidate before they were even sure of voter turnout.

Overall the United States had 66.7 percent voter turnout according to (meaning that’s the percentage of registered voters who cast a ballot). States’ individual turnout varied, with Minnesota leading the way with a reported 79.9 percent turnout. Arizona hit below average with a 65.9 percent turnout. That means that when Arizona was called for Biden when voters were still standing in line, there was a potential for more than 30 percent of votes that potentially could be counted, to still be standing in the long lines at polling stations.

That’s what it means to not know voter turnout. That’s what Fox News didn’t know when they called the state for Biden, and that’s why anchors like Wallace are losing the respect of the American people.