Chip the Kids, Chip the Kids, Chip the Kids Becomes Rally Cry of California Teachers

Confusion and stress continue to grow in the state of California. The need that the Democrats have to control people is out of control on epic levels. COVID-19 was the smokescreen they used to hide their power grab and slow takeover of private lives and homes. And now that they have entrenched themselves, they resort to enacting their one-world government system of controls designed to control and manipulate people.

The focus of such intrusive control falls right into the laps of the school districts. The socialist leaders deem themselves to be gods as they exert unlawful control over people. Forcing them to comply with a list of near-apocalyptic proportions mandates before any child can ever hope of being educated in California again.

The Los Angeles Unified School District put out a plan that details how kids can get back to school. Austin Beutner came out and stated that big-tech Microsoft and himself have the “perfect plan.” Their plan will allow students to return safely to school, and the China virus will not get them.

Beutner must not read science and health reports that are now showing that the China virus is all but eradicated from the country. But he loves his plan, and he is going to do anything possible to put it into action.

Eran Megiddo works for Microsoft. Megiddo and Beutner came up with the “The Daily Pass” plan. This is a requirement that every kid and parent will have to comply with if they ever want to see the inside of a classroom again.

To downplay the serious and sick propaganda engrained within the plan. The two nutjobs came up with a childish cartoon with the hopes that their plan would be accepted and not seen as intrusive and threatening.

The school and Microsoft would have direct access to all the kids’ health records. The kids are required to submit their records before they can enter the school building. Forget about HIPPA laws and other privacy laws. They see COVID-19 as their chance to lodge barcodes on kids for the sole purpose of control. Any kid that steps out of line will be ejected from school.

Their intrusive plan requires every kid to submit to a COVID-19 test whether they want to or not. There is no choice to refuse the test.

Once the results of the test are back, the information will be posted in the “daily pass.” Each child will be issued a QR code, which they will have to wear all day. It will have health information embedded within so any person can access the child’s private information.

And when all of that effort becomes cumbersome, they can always lodge a computer chip under the child’s hand or in their forehead. They can then simply throw a switch and shut down the child if they should ever get out of control at school or refuse to comply with established rules.

Austin Beutner stated that “The Daily Pass sets the highest standard possible for school safety. MERV-13 upgraded air filters in every school, COVID testing for all students and staff at least every week and now the Daily Pass — Los Angeles Unified is proud to lead the nation in creating the safest possible school environment.”

At least the parents and kids can breathe easy knowing the filters are upgraded. But don’t forget about the intrusive part of the plan—the plan to control and chip every kid like a dog or other animal.

Barcoding, a kid, is not going to stop the China virus from spreading. It is a program designed to control kids and can be expanded to include other things if the powers that be deem it necessary to control more areas of personal life.

The Democrats and liberals have betrayed the American people again. They demand unification but reject any attempts by conservatives to voice another idea. There is no need to barcode a kid and make his or her private health information public for the sake of furthering biased statistics. Beutner is simply drunk with power and wants to make sure he does not lose what he has acquired.