China: The Mirror Biden Looks to When Reshaping America

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Joe Biden has the insane desire to turn America into a failed socialist state that mirrors the many countries worldwide that sit in ruins because of liberal ideology. He has eliminated millions of jobs and put just as many people on welfare, so they stay dependent on the federal government for their food rations and medical care.

The liberals make everything look better than it will be. For them to even try and care for the medical needs of millions of people will be no better than the care a third-world nation can provide. Only those with lots of money will get any meaningful care for themselves or their families.

Biden’s America is quickly looking more like communist China. Their failed government makes it seem happy, but when one digs deep, they quickly find that people are oppressed and threatened to keep quiet or face dire consequences.

The Chinese demonstrated forced obedience by hanging QR codes around the kids’ necks while they were herded like animals. The QR code read that each kid was “cute and brave” for getting their COVID test.

Hu Xijin is the editor of Global Times. A media outlet is a place tightly controlled by the communist regime, so every story is pro-communism.

He tweeted on social media that “Cute and brave! Self-discipline and hard-working are keys to why China can defeat rounds of COVID-19 outbreak. Even kids from kindergarten, with QR code hung around their necks, queued in an orderly manner for nucleic acid test.”

Such abuse is indicative of a regime-controlled country. This style of abuse is one that Biden is fighting hard to create in America. He is already looking for a way to force all elementary kids in the United States to be vaccinated without the ability of the parents to choose what is best for their kids.

Biden has massive backlash to contend with. Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist, and he stated that “The future of America if Biden has his way. Dystopia.” And Harminder Singh, a free speech activist, noted the tagged kids that “More like psychological child abuse.”

Forcing any person to stand in line for a test or shot that they do not need is abuse. Biden has tried to imitate the Chinese methods ever since he stepped into office. But every time he has tried to push an order through, he has landed in court and lost.

The Global Times is a pro-communist media outlet. To avoid criminal accusations, Hu Xijin has to ensure that every word out of the media outlet’s source is favorable to communism.

China’s President Xi Jinping has been pushing for such a labeling system to monitor and track people.

CNN reported on the story that “China mandated the widespread use of QR-based health certificates earlier this year. The system, which uses an electronic barcode to store a person’s travel and health history, has been credited with helping to curb the spread of the virus. The code issues users with a color code based on their potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. The colors are like traffic lights — green is safest, then amber and finally red.”

The Chinese might as well imbed a computer chip in the child’s hand or forehead to track the person wherever they go. And should that person go against the rules, they would be shut down by eliminating the target via the computer chip.

The president of China keeps what he would call rebels imprisoned for speaking out against the abuses within the communist country. His abusive methods are precisely what Biden is mirroring through executive orders and hiding them under the guise of the pandemic.

The New York Times noted that the tracking mechanisms employed in China “appears to share information with the police, setting a template for new forms of automated social control that could persist long after the epidemic subsides.”

Such a method would give the Democrats the ability to forcefully control people and give them the ability to shut out the Republican Party that they want to label as terrorists.