Chicago Police Officers are Quitting…and This is Why

Police officers in Chicago have been quitting for over a year now. Much of it has to do with the liberal policies – pushed either by Mayor Lori Lightfoot or the Democratic city council. The city isn’t looking to make it easy for police officers to do their job.

Chicago has cut police funding considerably. After all, the “defund the police” movement is alive and well in the Windy City. Beyond that, the police have a limited way to deal with criminals, including violent ones.

Ever since George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, police officers have come under a microscope if they cause any kind of bodily harm to a criminal. So, many do nothing as a way to avoid their own criminal charges.

It’s hard, though. How do you arrest a criminal who is intent on taking your life?

It seems that in addition to the standard murders that happen in Chicago every week, more and more of those murders are now including law enforcement officers.

It really cannot be a surprise that the city is seeing more police officers quit or head toward early retirement. No one wants to put their life on the line, especially for a city that would rather cater to the criminals.

This past weekend, a Chicago police officer was dragged by a car on Chicago’s South Side. Officers conducted a traffic stop. Rather than rolling down the window and talking with the officers, the driver of the offending Impala reversed his car and dragged the officer. The officer was pinned between the Impala and a viaduct.

The officer was dragged over 30 feet. The other officer ended up firing his gun as a way to get the driver to stop and release the officer.

No one was hit by gunfire. The police officer who was dragged ended up in the hospital and is in good condition. As for the suspect, he was able to flee the scene.

Consider this. Police officers have to deal with the unexpected on even the most mundane activities of their job. The officers who stopped the Impala had no idea what was going to happen. They pulled the car over because it was breaking the law. There was no way to anticipate that the car was going to reverse – let alone anticipate that one of the officers would be dragged along the roadway.

The one officer who discharged his weapon did so in the most careful way possible. He didn’t want to hit anyone because he knew that it would be him up on charges. He had to fix the situation without killing anyone. And as a result of him being overly cautious, the suspect was able to flee.

Chicago is letting criminals go free. There’s no reason that this situation should have escalated the way that it did. Police officers shouldn’t have to choose between their lives and the lives of criminals. They shouldn’t be so terrified of discharging their weapon that criminals run free.

Meanwhile, this story comes just a week after Chicago Police Officer was fatally shot during a traffic stop.

Mayor Lightfoot wants to put an end to guns on the streets. That’s well and great, but we need to focus more on criminals – and how criminals are treated. What happened to the officer this weekend had nothing to do with a gun. Do we actually have to teach criminals that they’re not allowed to reverse when being stopped by the police?

In an effort to defund the police, Chicago has alienated its officers. And, it’s given criminals the green light to commit as many crimes as they want. Even if Chicago decides they want to clean up their act, they may not have many officers around when that time comes.