CDC Making Drastic Changes to Pandemic Response Plan


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people a lot of harm and trauma. And what made things exceptionally worse was the amount of communication. Making Drastic Changes to Pandemic Response Plan inconsistent with what other organizations were saying about the virus. In what appears to be a desire to clean up an act, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is changing internally to make things go smoother the next time there is a major pandemic.

Rochelle Walensky is the liberal director of the CDC. She will overhaul the center’s internal operations and departments to make sure that things are better communicated in the future. She wants to make sure that what her organization is stating is precisely what the Democrats want them to announce.

Joe Biden hoped that the CDC would become his information source to force pandemic-related information on people. He needed to reach all Americans with the same poisonous lies that he was telling the few people who reluctantly had to listen to him.

Ashe Short is a reporter for the Daily Wire. She had the chance to meet up with the company’s podcast hosts for an interview on the announcement that Walensky made. Short stated that “[O]ne could take it as an indication that America really has moved on from COVID-19 and they’re looking to shift gears right now. As things return to normal, it sounds like the CDC is taking the opportunity to look back over how it handled the pandemic and look for ways to improve.”

Short pointed out that the CDC is no longer the agency people trust for healthcare information. The CDC joined forces with the Democrats and spouted off facts that were proven to be inaccurate simply because the Democrats wanted to politicize the pandemic to their favor. Walensky is hoping to change the marred image of the CDC. People have a hard time even wanting to listen to the organization because of all the wrong information that does not make sense.

Short stated very clearly that “the agency’s reputation and credibility has taken a huge hit over the past couple of years. The CDC is going to have to break from being controlled by the Democrats if they ever want to be trusted again with the truth. The nasty Democrats lied to the nation for the sole purpose of gaining power and authority. They are very aware of that, so this move is also about shoring up trust and credibility with the American people.”

The CDC’s director plans to develop new ways of pushing out scientific discoveries to the people. She also plans on restructuring the organization in an attempt to better work with the public in times when medical intervention is necessary. The CDC wants to be the authority on pandemic-related issues. But they lost that right when they decided to push contradictory information.

The CDC has also stepped on many toes over the past several years. They made recommendations that were inconsistent with what the facts were showing. Such as the desire to close schools when the virus was not even affecting the youth. There was just not enough data to recommend shut down every school in America.

Walensky acts like she has all the answers to fixing the past problems. But she is just another part of the problem. She had been found telling people to get a booster shot long before the Food and Drug Administration ever approved them for use. The CDC made a decision based on sketchy evidence without the stamp of approval from the FDA. Walensky played around with public health like a child’s toy. She should have waited to make sure that the shots were safe.

But when a liberal wants to make a statement, they will do whatever they need to do to make their point. The Democrats want to be known as a party looking out for the people. But they are nothing more than a bunch of dictators trying to gather themselves power and prestige.