CDC Can’t Make Up Their Minds if Masks are Helpful or Not

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to look Democratic as they cannot make up their minds regarding the mask’s use. The mask’s effectiveness continues to change with the CDC so much that no one knows what to think or believe. Their duplicity is widely known, so they have resorted to quietly changing their rules to avoid any unpleasant conversations.

The new guidance that they have put forth tells people to wear a mask while using public transportation. At first, they said that a mask would only keep a person from getting sick. And then they told everyone needs to wear one. Then it changed again that no one needs to wear one because they are not effectively filtering the virus. And now people are being told to wear them again.

Their reasoning behind changing their mind again comes from a report that says, “Given how interconnected most transportation systems are across the nation and the world, local transmission can grow quickly into interstate and international transmission when infected persons travel on public conveyances without wearing a mask and with others who are not wearing masks. Appropriately worn masks reduce the spread of COVID-19 — particularly given the evidence of pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Blah, blah, blah is what everyone is reading right now. That report is also telling people that the mask has to be worn a certain way. This makes it possible for liberals to attack people that may have their nose uncovered or not entirely spread out enough. But they have also stated that it is useful when others are not wearing one.

Never have they addressed the issue of those that have already had the virus. There is no need for any of them to continue to wear a mask. Except it takes power away from the Democrats to tell people what to do.

These new guidelines are already being done in the vast majority of places where mask-wearing is mandated. The illegal placement of facial coverings on people is a clear violation of the right to breathe fresh air. They are also telling operators that they can deny passage to anyone not wearing a mask.

The CDC does not have the authority to put that kind of power in a driver’s realm. This makes it possible for the driver or pilot to react violently if a person is not wearing a mask right or not. And who is not to say that they refuse passage to a person because they do not like the way they look.

The CDC spokesperson is Scott Pauley. And he stated that the “CDC is providing this guidance to further support state and local health authorities, transportation partners, and conveyance operators who have implemented requirements for passenger masks to support passenger safety, maintain a safe and operating transportation system, mitigate further introduction and spread of COVID-19, and help safely re-open America’s economy.”

He makes it sound like even if the state does not require such a mandate that the bus driver can still keep people from riding. No authority has been given to the liberal CDC to cause such trouble for people not wearing a mask.

Those that have beaten the virus do not have to wear a mask because they cannot catch the virus again or transmit it. The new guidelines are an invasion of privacy and the freedom to conduct one’s affairs.

The CDC fails to see that mask-wearing is not as effective as they think it is. Science has proven that the virus will not be stopped by the pathetic paper masks sold in stores. Reason dictates that if a mask is not working right, there is no need to continue to force people to but them. One has to wonder what Democrat is pocketing all of the money mask purchasing. After all, the mask is extremely expensive for such a one-time use device.

President Trump is the only one that can kill mask-wearing. No one has the right to tell another person to cover their mouth. People are responsible enough to care for their health. If a person wants to wear a mask, then it is their right to put one on. It is not their right to force another person to wear one if they do not want to put it on. It is unconstitutional and morally wrong.