Caution: 90s Humor is Offensive

Liberals can manage to suck the joy out of anything. They go on their holier-than-though witch hunts. They can’t help it. They’re part of the cancel culture.

And now, the BBC has decided that they need to add trigger warnings to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Will Smith’s comedic show of the 1990s was all about a black teen from the wrong side of the tracks moving to live with his aunt and uncle. He moved from Philadelphia to Bel-Air, California. Suddenly, he had to deal with the fact that he was in a stable, nuclear family.

And, since it featured Will Smith, it was funny.

No one recognized the show as racist then…or now. It was funny, pure and simple.

Yet, there are still trigger warnings because today’s viewers are more sensitive than they were 30 years ago.

“Contains discriminatory language” is now the trigger warning placed in front of the TV show.

BBC isn’t the only one to be ruining perfectly good shows and movies with warning labels. Disney has been doing it for years. Anything that is outdated is marked as inappropriate or offensive simply because people didn’t have such delicate viewpoints as they do now.

What happened to laughing because something was funny? At no point throughout the show’s six seasons did Will Smith or any of the other characters say anything that would cause one to clutch their pearls.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air examined racism and discrimination back then. It was okay – and really, it’s okay now. However, people are now overly sensitive. So, when Jazzy Jeff refused to put his hands down in court because he wasn’t sure how the police would react, that’s a trigger for people now. Meanwhile, millions laughed back then. It was still true, but people could laugh about it while still identifying it as an issue.

Apparently, Jazzy Jeff hitting on Hilary has been a sore point that’s no longer okay, either. It was funny because he was harassing her – but it was meant in a light and comedic way. Now, the liberals want to make it out to be a #MeToo moment.

Oh, and Carlton got picked on because of his height. Anyone who falls short in the height department is suddenly triggered by this.

There’s no way to laugh and relax anymore. Everyone gets offended at something.

Whatever happened to the days when you could make light of situations and laugh? The liberals have made it so that everything has to be taken at face value. They have sucked the joy out of comedies for years – and now they’ve added the trigger warnings.

There has to be a thought process of intentional racism, homophobia, etc. Some comedians are looking to be offensive, and the way they deliver is offensive. Other comedians talk about serious issues in a way that is meant to be funny, and it really is funny.

At some point, everyone will find something offensive in anything if they’re looking hard enough. What’s next? Will vegetarians be offended if they watch a TV show where their favorite character eats a cheeseburger? Will celiacs be offended if someone eats a piece of bread?

The madness has to come to an end. Let people enjoy a show without a warning.

These warnings are for the same people who need to be told “Caution: Hot.”

Can we please stop dumbing down society with warnings simply because some people aren’t capable of thinking?

Until then, we’re going to lose countless shows of yesteryear because they’re offensive to someone. First, it was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now, it’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

List a show, any show. There will be something offensive to someone because of the cultural depiction, the language, or the attitude.

The liberals won’t be happy until they can only stare at the wall because they’ve banned anything that delivers joy.